Three Important House Selling Tips

Three Important House Selling Tips

Three Important House Selling Tips
There are hundreds of​ good house selling tips that can help you​ when the​ time comes to​ put that sign in​ the​ yard .​
Some are more important than others though .​
Here are three of​ the​ most important points.

1 .​
Understand Value .​
Your home is​ not worth more because you​ like it,​ and it​ may not even be worth more after you​ spend $10,​000 making it​ the​ way you​ like it .​
It is​ worth what others will pay .​
One of​ the​ worst parts of​ a​ real estate agent's job is​ trying to​ explain to​ a​ nice couple that their $45,​000 in​ kitchen improvements only added $10,​000 to​ the​ value of​ the​ house.

It is​ easy to​ see the​ problem with pricing too low,​ but making less money is​ a​ problem of​ pricing too high as​ well .​
You have costs that you​ pay while waiting to​ sell .​
Also,​ people are suspicious of​ homes that have sat unsold for a​ year,​ and less likely to​ make an​ offer even if​ you​ have finally lowered the​ price .​
The perfect buyer who would have paid the​ most,​ might have looked at​ the​ home when it​ was over-priced and walked away .​
To get the​ most money,​ price it​ right to​ begin with.

2 .​
Understand the​ Market .​
Who are your potential buyers? a​ sign in​ the​ yard wont help much if​ you're selling a​ summer home in​ the​ woods and all the​ buyers are in​ the​ city .​
Once you​ identify who the​ likely buyers are,​ you​ or​ your agent can decide which ways to​ market the​ property .​

Are you​ in​ a​ quiet neighborhood that is​ attracting retirees? If so,​ you​ would want to​ advertise the​ fact that your house has one level .​
No stairs! can be an​ important selling point to​ older buyers .​
If the​ neighborhood is​ one that is​ likely to​ attract young couples,​ however,​ it​ would be a​ waste of​ words .​
Consider your market before you​ try to​ sell.

3 .​
Cost-Effective Preparations .​
Of course you​ should clean the​ house and mow the​ lawn .​
The other things you​ do to​ get ready for the​ sale should be cost effective though .​
As a​ rule,​ you​ should first do those things that will give you​ a​ three-to-one return on​ your money.

It isn't important (or possible) to​ be precise .​
The point is​ to​ do things that raise the​ value more than they cost .​
$1,​000 to​ repave the​ driveway may increase the​ value of​ the​ house by $3,​000,​ but a​ $50,​000 pool might add only $25,​000 in​ value .​
Start by replacing that dented mailbox,​ and work on​ those things that get the​ most bang for the​ buck.

If you​ have the​ time and motivation,​ you​ can find endless little house selling tips .​
That may not be a​ bad idea,​ but why not start with the​ important things first?

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