Three Advantages Of Permanent Text Link Advertising

Three Advantages Of Permanent Text Link Advertising

You've finished your new website or​ blog. It's got great content, user friendly navigation, awesome graphics, maybe even video or​ chat.

Okay, so now how do you get people to​ visit your new site?

One way to​ get visitors is​ through permanent text-link advertising. Permanent text-link advertisements have a​ number of​ advantages that make it​ perfect for​ advertising new websites.

Here are three such advantages:

1 - Permanent text-link advertising is... permanent.

Text-link advertising is​ available on so many websites and​ it​ can take many forms. There's PPC, or​ pay-per-click advertising, where you pay for​ each click that takes web surfers to​ your site. But PPC isn't cheap, as​ prices are based upon bidding for​ keywords, and​ the​ best keywords naturally tend to​ cost the​ most.

Other websites will offer you a​ text-link to​ your website for​ a​ flat monthly fee. This means you can have an​ unlimited number of​ visitors clicking through to​ your site, at​ no additional cost. But at​ the​ end of​ the​ month, you must pay an​ additional fee to​ keep the​ link to​ your site active the​ following month.

A few websites will let you keep the​ keyword link to​ your website active as​ long as​ their website is​ active, for​ a​ one-time fee. in​ some cases, this fee can be as​ little as​ ten cents for​ a​ keyword-based text-link pointing back to​ your website for​ years.

2 - Permanent text-link ads can help you get ranked on the​ search engines faster than regular website submission.

In the​ past, webmasters would submit new websites to​ the​ search engines by using each search engine's "Submit URL" form. the​ problem with using this method today is​ that it​ can mean waiting a​ few weeks or​ more before your website finally appears in​ a​ search engine's database.

Text-link ads on established websites can help your new website get indexed on major search engines in​ a​ matter of​ hours or​ days, because when they visit the​ established site (which they tend to​ do with an​ established frequency), they'll follow text links to​ other sites--including yours--then they'll add those linked sites to​ their indexes.

3 - Permanent text-link ads are usually affordable.

As mentioned before, PPC ads can cost so much you could end up burning your annual advertising budget in​ a​ matter of​ a​ few months or​ weeks. Monthly text-link ads can be cheap at​ first--until the​ months pass and​ you continue to​ receive a​ bill for​ your text-link ad. Permanent text-link ads could cost you more up front than monthly text-link advertisements, but you only have to​ pay a​ fee once and​ your keyword link will keep working for​ you, year after year. and​ if​ you look hard enough, you might actually find a​ few permanent text-link advertising sites that are incredibly inexpensive, offering permanent text-link ads for​ as​ little as​ ten cents.

So after your new website goes live and​ you start thinking of​ ways to​ get the​ word out about your site, don't forget about permanent text link advertising. Permanent text-link advertising could be the​ way to​ go if​ you're on a​ tight budget.

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