Thought For The Day Is Delivery To Your Email Better Than Visiting A
Site Each Day

Thought For The Day Is Delivery To Your Email Better Than Visiting A Site Each Day

Many people enjoy reading a​ thought for the day. It's a​ popular and fun way to​ focus your mind on a​ significant slice of​ life that you might normally overlook.

The thoughts expressed are typically profound or​ humorous or​ both. The enjoyment of​ a​ thought for the day comes when you recognize a​ familiar and entertaining aspect of​ human nature in​ the words you read.

Internet sites that provide a​ daily thought have two primary ways of​ delivering their service. The first is​ to​ post a​ thought each day on a​ Web site. a​ user of​ the service must visit the site each day to​ collect their "thought." The second is​ to​ provide daily delivery to​ a​ person's email inbox. Users of​ this service receive their "thought" automatically.

But is​ one method of​ delivery superior to​ the other?

As with most things in​ life, the answer is, "It depends." Each method has its own set of​ pros and cons.

We'll look at​ the pros and cons of​ each method, so you can decide which one will work best for you. For this comparison we will consider only those services that are no-cost.

* Web Site Delivery - Pros *
- There is​ generally no sign up. You just surf to​ the Web site each day to​ see the day's thought.
- There is​ nothing to​ do stop the service. Just quit visiting the Web site when you no longer want the service.
- Service can be on the spur of​ the moment. if​ you have a​ personality that resists habitual activities, you can collect your thought whenever you choose.
- You control the variety. If, on a​ particular day you are not in​ the mood for the thoughts from a​ particular site, you can skip that day's service.

* Web Site Delivery - Cons *
- Visiting the Web site can be a​ hassle. it​ takes direct action on your part to​ go the Web site. This may mean finding the link in​ a​ long list of​ favorites/bookmarks in​ your browser.
- Visiting the Web site can be a​ hassle (reason 2). Many providers of​ no-pay services on the Internet need a​ way to​ generate income to​ keep the site going. Retrieving your thought of​ the day may require you to​ wade through numerous ads and deal with pop-up/pop-under windows.
- You may not get thoughts on a​ consistent basis. Many people who value a​ thought for the day do so because it​ helps them manage their stress or​ life focus. On a​ hectic day, when you probably most need a​ focusing thought, you may forget to​ surf to​ the Web site amid the flurry of​ that day's activities.

* Email Delivery - Pros *
- Delivery is​ consistent. Your daily thought will arrive in​ your inbox on busy days and relaxing days, regardless of​ whether or​ not you remember to​ collect it.
- It's a​ piece of​ useful email that you can process quickly. it​ takes just a​ moment to​ read the email and extract what's useful. of​ how many emails you receive is​ that true?
- It's easy to​ pass along. if​ you find one of​ the thoughts receive particularly meaningful or​ entertaining, it's a​ simple matter to​ forward it​ to​ a​ friend.

* Email Delivery - Cons *
- You have to​ sign up for the service. Signing up can be a​ bit of​ a​ hassle, because the process to​ sign up may be complex. Unfortunately, complex sign ups have become commonplace because of​ the existence of​ spam. Fortunately, the complex sign ups go a​ long way to​ prevent spam.
- You have to​ give some personal information. For example, you will be required to​ give your email address. Fortunately, the possibility of​ your email address being used for spam is​ becoming less of​ a​ concern. Companies that provide email inboxes are becoming increasingly effective at​ preventing the illegitimate use of​ your email address.
- Stopping the service requires action. if​ you want to​ cancel your subscription to​ the service, you will have to​ take specific action to​ unsubscribe.
- The email may contain advertising. as​ with the Web site delivery method, providers of​ the service will often feel a​ need to​ have some way to​ generate income for their service. Fortunately, since the actual content -- the daily thought -- is​ so small, the provider of​ the service has real pressure to​ keep the amount of​ advertising to​ a​ minimum.

So each method of​ delivery has some significant advantages and some important disadvantages. Think through the pros and cons of​ each method and decide which are the most value to​ you. Then, find one or​ more services you like and start spicing up your day with the energizing thoughts these services can provide.

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