Third Generation Insurance Shopping

Third Generation Insurance Shopping
Third Generation Insurance Shopping Has Arrived!
Traditional insurance shopping was revolutionised with the​ introduction of​ online insurance quote systems,​ both through direct online insurers,​ and online brokers .​
For many years,​ this remained the​ only way to​ shop online for insurance,​ but did not maximise the​ full potential of​ what the​ internet really could do for the​ shopper .​
The 3rd generation of​ insurance shopping websites is​ now here,​ and it​ means great news for consumers.
The old days.
In the(bad) old days,​ people had to​ phone around various insurance companies to​ get quotes for their car insurance .​
This was a​ time consuming process,​ but due to​ the​ variations in​ insurance premium from company to​ company,​ very often it​ was worth spending the​ time on​ .​
Instead of​ going direct to​ insurance companies,​ many consumers preferred to​ use insurance brokers who would shop around for them .​
This in​ theory was great,​ except for one thing - different brokers could charge different rates for the​ same insurance products .​
To compare insurance,​ consumers still had to​ phone around a​ number of​ brokers,​ many of​ whom only worked normal day time office hours.
The Internet Revolution (kind of).
With the​ growing popularity of​ the​ internet,​ things looked better .​
a​ number of​ internet based insurers and brokers offered the​ chance to​ shop around 24 hours a​ day and find cheaper insurance,​ with online discounts being offered to​ consumers .​
While this allowed people to​ shop for cover in​ the​ evenings,​ they were still faced with the​ same old problem that different broker sites would quote different prices for the​ same insurance.
The Aggregator Arrives.
In recent times,​ a​ new breed of​ insurance shopping website has arrived .​
These sites (aggregator or​ comparisons sites) allow you​ to​ fill in​ just one set of​ quote forms,​ and instead of​ you​ having to​ visit lots of​ different broker's websites and filling in​ the​ same information time and time again - they do it​ for you​ .​
Sites like do this .​
You enter your details as​ you​ would on​ any other insurance site,​ but instead of​ getting quotes from one broker,​ you​ can get over 20 insurance quotes in​ one place .​
So,​ for 2 minutes work ,​ you​ save yourself filling in​ forms on​ 20 websites,​ and get all the​ prices back in​ real time one after the​ other.

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