Thinking Offshore Web Design Think Again

Thinking Offshore Web Design Think Again

Offshore web design firms promise ultimate convenience and​ savings to​ businesses around the​ world. Many companies even decide to​ hop aboard the​ outsource wagon and​ hire these design firms. in​ many cases, they get more than they bargained for.

While it​ is​ true that many offshore web design firms promise low, low prices for​ web design services, far too many companies learn that you get what you pay for. Many companies based outside the​ US simply cannot offer the​ services and​ quality of​ a​ home-grown business. When dealing with overseas companies, businesses need to​ adjust to​ time zone differences, which often make contact and​ meetings virtually impossible. Sending money to​ pay for​ services is​ often time-consuming and​ expensive. Wiring money and​ sending overseas transfers to​ pay for​ web design is​ not even always safe and​ can leave company owners vulnerable to​ identity theft.

Overseas companies often do try hard to​ compete on the​ global stage, but the​ truth is​ that any US company needing web design for​ the​ competitive North American and​ European market needs top quality. Many companies who hire overseas web design services often have to​ spend extra money to​ repair sloppy, ungrammatical copywriting. Unfortunately, not every offshore company can deliver professional web design – in​ many cases, fly-by-night overseas firms deliver amateurish, unusable work. After all, anyone can set up a​ company half-way around the​ world and​ promise design services. There is​ often no way for​ you to​ verify their qualifications.

Even when an​ offshore web design company tries very hard, the​ truth is​ that someone based half-way around the​ world simply cannot know North American marketing thoroughly. Even major companies are finding that their offshore outsourcing isn’t working – the​ experienced web design talent is​ simply not there. in​ far too many cases, companies look at​ the​ bottom line and​ hire these web design services only to​ realize after the​ fact that they need to​ pay to​ have their web redesigned all over again. Does your company really want to​ pay TWICE for​ web design services?

Before companies sign on the​ dotted line and​ hire an​ overseas web design service, they also need to​ think twice about the​ “deal” they are getting. in​ many cases, offshore companies offer an​ impressively low hourly charge, but take longer to​ finish a​ project. Even though a​ web design company only charges a​ fraction of​ its US counterpart in​ terms of​ hourly price, it​ can easily end up charging a​ similar amount, simply by taking longer to​ complete the​ same amount of​ work. Since your company could end up paying just as​ much for​ an​ overseas web design service, doesn’t it​ make more sense to​ hire a​ US-based firm and​ get guaranteed, quality work for​ the​ same price?

The biggest problem with overseas web design services is​ that offshore services come with no legal protection whatsoever. Laws are simply very different in​ other parts of​ the​ world and​ when a​ company decides to​ choose an​ overseas firm, they are in​ effect resigning themselves to​ no legal protection. if​ a​ web design company turns in​ a​ plagiarized product or​ a​ product that violates intellectual property laws, the​ company that hired the​ web design service will have a​ very hard time finding legal redress. Worse, it​ is​ the​ US company that may have to​ face the​ US legal system if​ any laws have been violated. in​ many cases, offshore companies operate only via email, which means that when there is​ a​ problem with a​ delivered service, there is​ no way to​ get a​ fast response. Companies may simply disappear when there is​ a​ legal problem. Buying offshore is​ buying “as is” – not the​ way you want to​ hire the​ web design services that will make your business succeed!

Thinking Offshore Web Design Think Again

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