Thinking Of Starting A Web Design Company Dont Do It

Thinking Of Starting A Web Design Company Dont Do It

If you are thinking of​ setting up a​ web design company - Don't.

Once upon a​ time this was a​ dream market requiring a​ tiny software investment with massive prices, meaning an​ unbelievable profit margin.

This is​ no longer true. the​ market is​ saturated, with many companies based in​ developing countries with low wage costs. There is​ no room in​ the​ market for​ anyone from North America or​ Europe to​ make a​ profit.

Is it​ worth learning web design? - Yes, up to​ a​ point.

If you have a​ business, either traditional or​ online, and​ need a​ website you could consider designing it​ yourself. However, website design requires a​ specialist body of​ knowledge that you would have to​ spend many months acquiring. You need to​ ask youself if​ this is​ a​ wise investment of​ your time, or​ if​ your energy would be better employed on developing your business in​ other ways and​ outsource your website design.

It will be useful if​ you know how to​ update and​ make small site modifications yourself, but that is​ a​ much smaller task than learning how to​ build websites from scratch. Tell your site designer that you want to​ be able to​ do this yourself and​ it​ the​ facility will be included in​ your site.

When specifying your site you need to​ bear the​ following points in​ mind:

* the​ site must be fast to​ load. Graphics rich sites take longer to​ load.
* Use of​ video and​ Javascript will make your site slower and​ inaccessible to​ a​ fraction of​ your audience.
* Many users loathe sites that require Macromedia's Flash graphics
* Your site needs to​ be enable you to​ accept online credit card payments. 90% of​ shoppers expect to​ be able to​ use their credit card. if​ you don't accept it, they will go to​ another site that does.
* Your site needs to​ capture visitors contact details, so that you can add them to​ your email list and​ contact them in​ the​ future.
* if​ your site is​ to​ be a​ showplace for​ your range of​ goods, then it​ will be database driven and​ you should make it​ clear to​ the​ developer the​ number of​ different items you will be selling on the​ website, so that the​ database can be properly designed.
* the​ more you ask for​ the​ more the​ site will cost, but the​ points above are essentials and​ not optional.

Thinking Of Starting A Web Design Company Dont Do It

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