Thinking Of Selling Your Company

Thinking Of Selling Your Company

Thinking of​ selling your company?
Your decision to​ sell:
Making the​ decision to​ sell your company is​ a​ tough one .​
However,​ when you​ decide to​ do so,​ make sure it’s a​ priority in​ your life .​
a​ common mistake is​ when a​ seller starts the​ marketing process and it’s not a​ priority,​ it’s becomes obvious to​ buyers .​
Unlike a​ residential real estate transaction,​ there are only a​ limited number of​ buyers for any business .​
If a​ buyer walks,​ many times they will not come back .​

Information Gathering:
In my opinion,​ this is​ by far the​ most important aspect to​ increasing the​ probability of​ selling your company for the​ greatest amount and for the​ best terms .​
It is​ important to​ remember,​ if​ a​ buyer has cash and is​ in​ an​ acquisition mode,​ they will find a​ company to​ buy whether it​ is​ yours or​ not .​
Be prepared to​ present the​ buyer with all company information in​ a​ timely,​ organized and professional manner .​
the​ longer you​ take to​ present requested information,​ the​ more your company looks unorganized .​
Why does a​ buyer want to​ purchase an​ unorganized company? When there are problems on​ the​ surface there are usually a​ lot more underneath .​
Remember 90% of​ an​ iceberg is​ underwater .​
Buyers have a​ lot to​ learn in​ a​ short period of​ time … don’t make it​ difficult for them .​
If a​ buyer wants to​ look at​ certain information,​ get it​ to​ them in​ an​ organized fashion and get it​ to​ them quickly!
Finding buyers and working towards closing:
Actively finding,​ qualifying,​ and communicating with buyers is​ a​ full time job .​
If you​ are running your company,​ you​ need to​ continue to​ do so and hire an​ experienced merger and acquisition professional to​ sell or​ merge the​ company .​
Just like any task in​ life,​ the​ more you​ do it,​ the​ better you​ get .​
I​ have been involved in​ over 120 merger and acquisition transactions over the​ last 10 years and have seen people on​ the​ other side of​ the​ table make the​ same mistakes over and over .​
Mistakes can cost hundreds of​ thousands of​ dollars .​
There is​ too much money at​ stake,​ and you​ don’t get a​ second chance.

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