Thinking Of Buying A Ps3 Think Again

Thinking Of Buying a​ Ps3, Think Again
Do you want to​ buy a​ ps3? If so, it​ is​ safe to​ say that you are in​ the same boat as​ millions of​ other people .​
Not only are people in​ the United States ready to​ buy a​ ps3 the second that they hit stores, but this is​ also happening all over the world .​
The fact of​ the matter is​ that the new ps3 by Sony may be the most hyped gaming console of​ all time .​
So as​ you can probably imagine, if​ you want to​ buy a​ ps3 you are going to​ be up against high demand, and in​ most cases low supply .​
So, what does this mean for you?
Generally speaking, if​ you want to​ buy a​ ps3 you are going to​ have to​ put in​ a​ lot of​ time .​
And even if​ you do this you may not end up getting what you are ultimately after .​
Your best bet may be to​ get on a​ list that reserves a​ ps3 for you when a​ store finally takes shipment .​
In order to​ do this you will not only have to​ find a​ list to​ put your name on, but you will also have to​ put down a​ deposit .​
And the bad part is​ in​ many cases this does not even mean that you will receive your unit in​ the first shipment.
Another option that you may want to​ consider is​ waiting for the ps3’s to​ arrive so that you can be first (or close to​ the front) in​ line .​
That’s right; believe it​ or​ not there will be plenty of​ people who will be waiting in​ line nice and early so that they can be ensured of​ getting a​ ps3 from the first shipment .​
Unfortunately, this can be tough to​ do if​ you have other responsibilities such as​ having to​ go to​ school or​ work a​ full time job.
Finally, your last option to​ buy a​ ps3 may be to​ check the second hand market .​
You can do this by searching for ps3’s at​ online auction sites or​ in​ your local newspaper .​
There are many people all over the world who will be buying these units in​ bulk and then selling them to​ consumers at​ a​ marked up price .​
Even though this is​ not fair to​ the many people who want to​ buy from the store at​ the regular price, it​ is​ simply the way that the industry works .​
If you absolutely must have your ps3 right away, sometimes the only option that you have is​ to​ pay extra on the secondary market.
You can buy a​ ps3 if​ you are willing to​ spend the money and put the time into finding one .​
But if​ you think that this is​ going to​ be an​ easy task you are sadly mistaken .​
You may have to​ stand in​ line for hours on end, or​ give in​ and pay a​ few hundred dollars extra online.
As you can imagine, it​ is​ going to​ be a​ crazy scene during the couple of​ months after the ps3 is​ released to​ the public.

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