Thinking Location When Buying Spanish Property

Thinking Location when Buying Spanish Property.
It is​ always important to​ consider the location of​ your prospective property purchase .​
If you were buying a​ property in​ your home country it​ would be easier because you would be familiar with your culture, your people and even the area .​
But in​ Spain however it​ is​ very likely that you are unfamiliar with all the above aspects .​
Whether you are a​ regular visitor to​ Spain or​ not it​ is​ vitally important that you are very clear in​ your mind what you looking for .​
Many property ventures have ended in​ tears because people have not thought carefully about ‘Location’ from the very beginning.
My friends Jean and Peter decided to​ retire to​ glorious España .​
Their plan was to​ rent a​ beautiful villa with a​ pool, next to​ a​ holiday resort that they have visited many times before .​
They were extremely happy with the villa they have purchased .​
Initially the couple used the villa for short two week holidays with friends and family.
Very soon the couple decided that the time is​ right to​ move in​ permanently .​
This would prove to​ be a​ mistake.
As a​ fulltime living space; they soon discovered there was no room to​ keep anything in​ storage .​
The villa was always ok as​ a​ short term stay but in​ the long term people need storage space and this became an​ enormous problem .​
They had no shed, not enough cupboards, no garage space.. .​
they had to​ sell or​ give away precious belongings simply because there was no where to​ put them .​
They also complained that although the villa was a​ perfect haven in​ the summer, in​ the winter it​ was chilly and windy .​
The thin walls and cold tiled floors offered little comfort .​
The area were it​ was located was spookily deserted during the winter months as​ the holiday season had ended .​
That resulted in​ leaving then feeling isolated and alone .​
Even the local shops and bars were closed.
Eventually they sold up and bought a​ lovely home in​ a​ residential area which is​ populated all year round and where all bars and shops 12 months of​ the year .​
Best of​ all there are round fellow ex-pats to​ talk and socialise with .​
The moral of​ this story is​ that you must think hard about the location of​ your intended purchase and what you would like to​ use the property for.

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