Thinking About Buying A Corn Stove Online Read This

The first step to​ buying a​ pellet stove on line is​ to​ research which corn or​ wood pellet stove is​ appropriate for your home heating needs. Take into account the size of​ your home, its floor plan and the existing heating system. Also, measure door openings to​ make sure your new stove will make it​ into the house.

A bigger stove (40,000 + BTU’s) is​ better than a​ small stove. Don’t worry about the room getting too hot with a​ large stove. All the new pellet stoves have thermostats.

Now go online and type in​ “buy wood pellet stove” or​ “buy corn stove”.

You’ll get 344,000 pages of​ results from Google. You only need 2 pages worth. Basically there are only three online sellers of​ corn and wood pellet stoves: Homeclick, MoreHome and NorthernTool.

Check out the over all reputation of​ the online store you’re considering for your purchase. I like BizRate shopping search for this.

Once you’ve decided which stove to​ buy and from whom, there are a​ few more factors to​ consider:

Discounts and Credit Sales
Some on line retailers will offer a​ 10% discount. Most offer free shipping, zero down or​ extended payments. Some will offer all of​ the above.

Sales tax
With the exception of​ a​ few states, buying on line will save you sales tax of​ 5% or​ more.

Most on line stores offer free shipping on a​ number of​ stoves. Due to​ their weight, your stove will be delivered by truck. Don’t count on the truck driver for any help offloading. Unless you have forklift in​ your garage, you’ll have to​ recruit some help.
Hopefully, the trucking company will be able to​ accommodate your schedule. Also, most on line stove retailers will not deliver to​ a​ Post Office box or​ APO address.

Don’t bother ordering vent pipes, elbows, etc. from the on line store where you purchased your stove. Let your installer order the parts that conform to​ local building codes. Estimated installation costs will run $400 - $700+. if​ you don’t know an​ approved installer, companies such as​ Service Magic can help you locate one in​ your area.

On line support can be trying at​ times. No matter how knowledgeable the person on the other end of​ your emails is, the information you get is​ only as​ good as​ the information you give.

Substantial savings can be had by buying a​ wood pellet or​ corn stove online. it​ also requires substantial planning, preparation and patience.
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