Things You Should Know To Protect From Stds Or Sexually Transmitted

Things You Should Know To Protect From Stds Or Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most of​ the​ women die of​ poor reproductive health as​ a​ result of​ unwanted pregnancies or​ because of​ sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted disease,​ as​ the​ term indicates is​ any sort of​ venereal disease caused due to​ sexual intercourse or​ other sexual intact. the​ microbes which cause STD’s are just opportunity bugs that don’t consider any gender or​ sex but only require a​ warm body. in​ women,​ STD’s often lead to​ infertility,​ miscarriage,​ infection among the​ newborn or​ premature birth of​ the​ child.

You should know the​ below mentioned facts to​ protect yourselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

1. STD easily spreads when there is​ any transfer of​ bodily fluids such as​ semen,​ vaginal secretions or​ blood from any person to​ another.

2. if​ a​ person has any sort of​ sexually transmitted disease and some other person has sex with that infected person,​ he or​ she is​ the​ quickest victim of​ STD. This is​ the​ reason why one should avoid having multiple partners or​ any monogamous relationship where one person is​ carrying an​ infection from a​ prior sexual encounter.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases are very contagious so if​ a​ woman has sex with his partner who is​ already infected with gonorrhea (a kind of​ STD) then she holds a​ chance of​ 80 to​ 90 percent of​ getting the​ disease. in​ case her partner carries two diseases namely gonorrhea and Chlamydia,​ she could be infected with both of​ them at​ the​ same time.

4. Vaginal intercourse carries the​ highest STD infections but other routes such as​ anal sex,​ oral sex or​ sexual abuse of​ children and mother to​ baby infection during child birth are also causes for such diseases.

5. STD’s weakens the​ immune system and therefore if​ a​ person is​ infected with such disease he or​ she has more chances of​ getting other infections. Even if​ a​ person recovers from a​ sexually transmitted disease,​ he or​ she has a​ weak immune system.

6. STD among women is​ not much obvious as​ compared to​ men which show clear symptoms of​ the​ disease. as​ such the​ problem could be misdiagnosed among women.

7. Most of​ the​ times,​ it​ happens that women are infected with such diseases but since the​ symptoms are not clear they unknowingly infect other sexual partner.

8. Men are secretly bisexual and as​ such they could easily pick up an​ STD from any homosexual encounter and pass it​ to​ an​ unsuspecting heterosexual partner.

9. Lesbians are less likely to​ have STD’s as​ sexually transmitted diseases are not easily spread from woman to​ woman.

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