Things You Should Know About Buying A House Part 3 Of 3

Things You Should Know About Buying a​ House part 3 of​ 3
Choosing your home.
Usually, this is​ the second time when you should keep a​ cool head .​
Questions you should ask yourself here are:
is this going to​ be your house for the next 50 years or​ is​ this a​ stepping stone towards your dream home?
how is​ the commute between your house and your work?
is this house going to​ fit your family's needs in​ 2, 5, 10 years?
can this house be improved cosmetically with minimum effort and would this considerably affect it's resale value?
is the neighbourhood's reputation going to​ change in​ a​ foreseeable future?
where are the drugstore, grocery store, bank, video club, restaurants?
is there public transit available?
will the flooring cause your kids to​ have allergies?
how easily can this house be maintained?
the most important question of​ all: do you actually like this house?
Bonus question: will this house fulfill your entertaining needs?
You must like it​ if​ you don't want to​ grow to​ hate it.
Buying a​ house does require your whole family to​ make some sacrifices .​
You have to​ like your house, at​ least a​ little, if​ you don't want to​ resent each payment.
Watch home makeovers or​ hire a​ professional to​ help you make your house appealing to​ your senses as​ this can often be done for little money and make a​ tremendous difference in​ how you fell every time you pass your front door.
You can't know it​ all nor should you have to.
Surround yourself with trustworthy advisers such as​ an​ accountant, a​ lawyer and a​ real estate agent who has a​ reputation of​ integrity and good negociation skills.
Choose advisors you are comfortable with as​ you will have to​ share some intimate information with them.
And finally.
Have fun as​ this should, if​ done right and with good advisors, be a​ very enjoyable process!
Good luck with your purchase.

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