Things You Need To Know Before Going Into Magazine Publishing

Things you need to​ know before going into Magazine publishing
Like what was mentioned in​ the​ Devil Wears Prada, a​ lot of​ girls right now will kill for​ the​ job that Anne Hathaway got in​ that movie .​
Magazine publishing is​ a​ pretty big industry with new titles being published every year .​
In fact, there are magazines that are dedicated in​ for​ every subject area imaginable— horses, antiques, coin collection .​
There is​ even a​ magazine for​ farming .​
Unlike what was shown in​ the​ movie, magazine publishing is​ not always about the​ glamour and​ the​ freebies .​
In fact, when you get into one of​ those magazine companies, you’ll realize that it​ is​ not a​ tushy job after all .​
The work can be very hard and​ the​ hours horrifying .​
Some do not even go home for​ weeks when the​ closing of​ one issue is​ close by .​
So before you decide to​ apply in​ any of​ those magazines, here are some things that might make you think twice .​
1 .​
Dog eat dog world
Competition is​ tough in​ a​ magazine .​
This is​ especially true if​ you plan to​ go into magazine writing .​
There are only a​ few key positions that will be available for​ people and​ chances are they will go to​ those who have better connections within the​ company and​ in​ society .​
Fact of​ life is, you need to​ first BE someone before you get to​ hold those high positions as​ magazine editor .​
Because of​ this, the​ culture inside a​ magazine can be stressful .​
It can be a​ dog eat dog world where everyone is​ out to​ get anyone that steps in​ their way towards promotion .​
Besides with purely girls in​ the​ company, there is​ bound to​ be a​ catfight .​
2 .​
It’s a​ girl’s world
Magazine publishing can be dominated by girls especially those who are more into the​ fashion and​ beauty stuff .​
It being a​ girl’s world can be an​ advantage as​ you will be able to​ relate more with them and​ share their interests .​
It can however be different for​ a​ guy .​
So if​ you are straight and​ you want to​ work in​ magazine publishing, choose the​ magazines whose subjects are more oriented towards male pursuits like golf, yachting, body building .​
Men’s magazines will also have more male staffers but they may also have a​ lot of​ gay people.
3 .​
Weird hours
People who go into magazine publishing especially the​ core departments that really work on the​ magazines until the​ publication will need to​ stay for​ hours in​ the​ office just to​ close pages .​
This is​ the​ unglamorous side of​ the​ job .​
Some would not even go home when the​ deadline is​ so near .​
The hours can be really weird especially when issues are being closed or​ photo shoots are being done .​
4 .​
Social events or​ boring conference
If you are not much into hobnobbing with the​ rich and​ the​ famous in​ the​ field, magazine publishing is​ not for​ you .​
The job does not only entail attending events and​ conferences and​ writing about it, you are also expected to​ socialize with these people and​ perhaps get them as​ advertisers or​ sponsors of​ the​ magazine.
People who work on more technical publications on the​ other hand have to​ endure a​ different thing— boring conferences .​
If listening to​ studies and​ experiments is​ not your thing, do not go into magazine publishing.

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