Things A Web Site Newbie Should Know To Save Money

Things A Web Site Newbie Should Know To Save Money

Don’t subscribe to​ get rich quick schemes.

There are thousands of​ sites out there trying to​ get you to​ part with your money,​ and inferring that you will immediately start reaping the​ rewards. Don’t be fooled by compelling one page sales letters,​ often with copies of​ bank statements,​ and invariably concluding with free gifts worth hundreds of​ dollars. Often the​ letters are sprinkled with testimonials and attempt to​ close the​ sale by offering only a​ limited number left remaining for sale,​ or​ you are warned of​ an​ imminent price increase. Check some of​ them out. Make a​ note of​ the​ price and the​ suggested uplift date. Does it​ really happen. Check out some of​ the​ reference sites. Are they really sites of​ substance,​ in​ which you would place the​ utmost faith in​ their recommendations. Yes,​ you can make money,​ but is​ usually after the​ passage of​ time,​ and not without a​ good deal of​ effort.

Don’t pay for information on​ How-to.

There are thousands of​ publications offering,​ at​ a​ cost,​ to​ teach you how to​ bring about search engine optimization,​ rank highly with search engines or​ become an​ affiliate guru.

Keep your money in​ your pocket and seek similar advice for free. Let me start you off by pointing you at​ some free publications which will get you on​ your way,​ and all of​ which are available to​ download from our web site. Brad Callen’s “Search Engine Optimization Made Easy” is​ a​ useful read. to​ emphasise my point about rogue web traders,​ I did a​ Google Advanced Search for exact matches to​ the​ title. at​ the​ top of​ the​ first page,​ ranking No1 out of​ 26,​400 was a​ site offering to​ sell you this free book for $29.95.

Ken Evoy’s Affiliate Masters Course is​ an​ excellent free read. Whilst one of​ its aims is​ to​ educate the​ reader about affiliate schemes,​ much of​ the​ content relates to​ pretty much any web site.

You might also want to​ download another good free read,​ “The Netwriting Masters Course.”

Don’t pay over the​ odds for domain registration.

There are thousands of​ sites offering to​ register domain names. Do find a​ site that not only provides search facilities to​ see if​ your chosen domain name is​ already registered,​ but also provides alternative suggestions if​ it​ is. Don’t pay more than $10.00 as​ an​ annual registration fee. Let me stress that we​ are not affiliates of​ the​ company we​ use. we​ last paid $8.95 for a​ dot com at​ we​ liked the​ access to​ nameservers so that we​ could activate the​ transfer of​ the​ domain name to​ a​ host of​ our choice. Do not subscribe to​ hosting at​ this site.

Do get yourself a​ suitable domain host.

There are some very important points here. to​ ensure minimum of​ downtime from your host do not join any of​ the​ free hosting sites. There is​ no such thing as​ a​ free lunch. Choose a​ site that offers to​ host an​ unlimited number of​ web sites for you. the​ fist host we​ selected still has a​ maximum of​ two sites before they start to​ increase the​ annual fee. You should possibly consider one that offers an​ unlimited number of​ autoresponders,​ if​ you feel that you may need this facility in​ the​ future. Although not the​ site we​ have recommended on​ our web site,​ you might find that compares favourably with anything else. Make sure that you are comparing like with like when it​ comes to​ number of​ domains,​ web space,​ band width etc.

Don’t buy links or​ email addresses.

Don’t buy links and more importantly do not purchase from web sites offering you tens of​ thousands of​ email addresses. Whilst it​ can be a​ pain,​ you must build up your own links,​ and your own opt-in list of​ email addresses. to​ assist with link building,​ particularly with keeping track of​ where you are in​ a​ link relationship we​ use a​ truly excellent piece of​ software,​ outlined on​ our web site. Not only does it​ generate the​ link pages but it​ handles the​ sending of​ emails from templates.

Do carry out search engine optimization.

Your site will go nowhere unless you have carried out the​ basics. By this I mean searching for and using keywords,​ developing a​ link strategy,​ writing and submitting articles,​ and promoting your site in​ other ways. For keywords use the​ “Tour” at​ wordtracker .com and then try it​ for free. For SEO read Brad Cullen’s free e-book available on​ our web site. For tuition on​ how to​ write articles,​ go to​ Joe Robson's site at​ Joe has had many years of​ copywriting experience,​ and his advice is​ free.

Do get good article submission software.

For our experiences do a​ Google Advanced Search for the​ exact phrase “Articles to​ Directories in​ the​ Newbie World” and select a​ site to​ read about our experiences. we​ found disappointing submission companies,​ mediocre software and again came across the​ heavy sell,​ one pagers with free gifts. This prompted us to​ design our own. we​ have now made the​ decision to​ share it​ with others,​ and we​ are currently preparing it​ for commercial use.

Get easy-to-use web design software.

Nearly all web design software writes the​ HTML code for you. Some packages are very cheap with,​ reflecting functionality. Others are very expensive,​ but with considerably longer learning curves. Nearly all require the​ purchase of​ some extra software for search engine optimization. we​ have recently carried out an​ in-depth review of​ a​ web design package which led us gently by the​ hand through SEO,​ and optimized each page for us. Feel free to​ visit the​ review at​ the​ web site shown below.

Things A Web Site Newbie Should Know To Save Money

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