Things To Consider When Buying A Pool Table Light

Things To Consider When Buying A Pool Table Light

What should you look for when purchasing a​ pool table light? This article will give you all the information you need in​ order to​ purchase a​ billiard light. Pool table lights come in​ many shapes and sizes, colors and styles. Assuming you already have the pool table, next you will need to​ figure out what length of​ light you will need.

As a​ general rule of​ thumb you will need 5 inches of​ light for every foot of​ pool table. For example a​ 7 foot pool table will need a​ billiard light with a​ minimum of​ 35 inches in​ length preferably 40 inches or​ more. You do not want to​ choose a​ short billiard light that will leave darkness around the edges of​ the pool table.

Another thing to​ consider is​ how high is​ the ceiling in​ relation to​ the pool table? The higher the ceiling, the larger the area the pool table light will cover. How much chain will you need to​ hang the light? Does the light come hard wired or​ soft wired? Hardwired means you cut the light on with a​ wall switch and soft wired means the light must be plugged into a​ wall outlet and turned on via an​ inline switch.

Something else you will need to​ keep in​ mind is​ what style of​ light bulbs will you choose? Florescent or​ standard? Many pool table light manufacturers can build your billiard light with either or. So be sure to​ ask when purchasing your pool table light fixture.

If you really want to​ get creative with your billiard lighting you don’t have to​ use a​ traditional pool table light at​ all. You could use two or​ three pendant lights that have multiple light bulbs in​ each pendant to​ light the pool table adequately. When you think about it​ that way your lighting options are unlimited. Imagine 2, 3 or​ even 4 pendant lights hanging all in​ a​ row above your billiard table. Each can be wired to​ turn all of​ them on with the flip of​ a​ single switch or​ even multiple switches.

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