Things To Consider In Choosing A Distance Education

Things To Consider In Choosing A Distance Education

In this day and age of​ multiple careers many people are considering furthering their education online. While this distance education alternative to​ the regular college campus offers the convenience of​ working with your current daily obligations this mode of​ education is​ not a​ good choice for all. if​ you are thinking about obtaining additional education and are looking at​ distance or​ online alternatives look over the following personal characteristics to​ help you decide if​ you would make a​ good distance student.

Are you self-motivated? This personality trait is​ perhaps the most important when it​ comes from separating successful distance education students from the rest. Unlike a​ traditional classroom you will not be meeting several times per week to​ keep you moving along towards progress. You will be assigned projects to​ complete, and have tests to​ take, and perhaps will view some teacher notes and then you will be left to​ your own devices. This means you have to​ make yourself study even the blandest of​ material. Your success or​ failure in​ learning the material and meeting deadlines will be solely on your shoulders.

Are you a​ procrastinator? While self motivation and procrastinating seem to​ go hand in​ hand, some people are motivated, but only at​ the last minute. if​ you wait until the last minute to​ study for tests or​ write assignments a​ distance education would not work well for you. Since you are on your own to​ prepare you will need to​ set aside time to​ prepare and study routinely in​ order to​ succeed.

Do you learn well by reading? if​ you went to​ a​ traditional college you would spend most of​ your class time in​ lectures, viewing videos, and participating in​ classroom discussions. if​ you learn well by reading and have better than average reading comprehension skills you’ll be more prepared to​ digest all of​ the reading material on your own. Unlike reading in​ a​ traditional environment, reading for a​ distance education may replace the majority of​ your lectures. if​ you cannot readily recall written material vs. learning by listening this could hurt your chances of​ doing well. There are some study tips that you could utilize to​ help you in​ this regard but you need to​ assess your learning style honestly.

Are you distracted easily? if​ you find yourself accidentally spending your study time watching the newest reality show, or​ on the phone, or​ surfing the internet, you will have to​ make sure you can discipline yourself come study time. Setting aside a​ quiet area to​ study will help. But ultimately, if​ you cannot resist temptation you won’t be able to​ take in​ the material you are attempting to​ learn.

Lastly are you a​ social butterfly? For many considering a​ distance college education you may be past the traditional college years and not mind missing out on sorority parties, or​ keggers. However, college has other social opportunities including classroom debates, and just taking in​ the eclectic sort that hang out on college campuses. if​ you are craving the social interactions that can only be had on a​ college campus you may regret choosing a​ distance education.

So, if​ you are self motivated and have faith in​ yourself and do not need the assistance of​ lectures or​ others to​ learn you may do well choosing a​ distance education.

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