The Wrong Time To Write A Press Release

The Wrong Time To Write a​ Press Release
Is there ever a​ wrong time to​ try to​ get free publicity for your company, product, or​ service?
Oh, yeah.
The wrong time isn't just about bad days of​ the week, like Monday morning, or​ bad times of​ the year, like Christmas Eve.
The wrong time I'm referring to​ is​ more internal.
Let's say you're almost finished with your web site .​
It will be up next week, and you're almost ready to​ start taking orders .​
is​ that the time to​ send out a​ press release? After all, everything will be ready by the time the press release hits .​
And you do want to​ get your press release out as​ early as​ possible so you can capitalize on the free traffic.
Don't do it .​
Do not, under any circumstances, send out a​ press release before you have everything in​ place and have tested it​ at​ least three times.
Just recently I​ was going to​ send out a​ release about one of​ my sites, but decided to​ wait until I'd made a​ minor change to​ the report signup form.
That minor change threw my entire web site into disarray and it​ took over five hours to​ get it​ back up .​
This was a​ live web site .​
I​ had to​ put up a​ technical difficulties note and work non-stop to​ fix the problem.
Fortunately, I​ had not sent out the press release, and it​ was a​ Sunday evening, New Year's Day in​ fact, so traffic was slow, and most people are understanding if​ you put up a​ note saying, It's 6:31 .​
I​ know about the problem and I'll have it​ fixed tonight .​
The site still works, it​ just looks funky.
That is, they're understanding IF you haven't just put out a​ press release stating that your cool new site is​ ready.
A couple of​ days is​ not going to​ matter in​ terms of​ long-term traffic .​
a​ big, visible mistake on your web site could matter a​ lot, if​ you're pushing traffic to​ it​ with a​ press release.
Just don't put out your press release until you're sure you're ready .​
That's the only right time to​ send a​ press release.

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