The Value Of Online Community In Dance Education

The Value Of Online Community In Dance Education

There is​ a​ huge need for comprehensive quality dance information to​ educate young dancers about their bodies, to​ extend their boundaries and their perception of​ what they are capable of, and learn about the prevention and treatment of​ injuries. Far too often in​ the dance community, the old adage of, “if it​ hurts, it​ is​ good for you” is​ far too prevalent, and despite the many wonderful teachers who embrace safe dance techniques, many young dancers are getting serious injuries at​ very young ages. Many young dancers cannot differentiate between the ‘pain’ of​ a​ stretch, and ‘injury pain’. They are often ‘working into’ areas best left to​ heal, and not addressing the real causes of​ their aches and pains.

The development of​ an​ extensive online dance community has enabled the spread of​ essential information to​ the dancers who need it​ most. No matter how remote the dancers location, and what standard of​ teaching he/she is​ able to​ get, as​ long as​ they have access to​ an​ internet connection, there is​ the possibility to​ learn so much about their own body, as​ well as​ techniques to​ advance their dancing. From beginner’s ballet, to​ learning pointe work, and moving on into a​ professional dance career, there is​ access to​ advice and information as​ well as​ courses and products to​ help them gain the edge needed to​ excel in​ this demanding world.

Knowledge is​ a​ powerful tool; however anatomical knowledge is​ just the beginning. The dance education programs designed by Perfect Form Physiotherapy in​ Sydney, Australia, also teach dancers how to​ explore their own bodies on multiple levels. The more a​ dancer can feel his or​ her own body, the more he/she can express him/herself, and the further they can take their audience on a​ journey.

No matter where young dancers aspirations lie, all of​ the knowledge learned will help foster a​ great appreciation for their own body, and serve them well into a​ professional career, and long after their dancing days are over. The empowerment gained by understanding their own body, and the power they have to​ change it​ is​ priceless. Understanding movement, anatomy, and ways of​ training are essential tools in​ the toolkit of​ anyone who is​ to​ succeed in​ any area of​ life. The importance of​ physical health is​ grossly undervalued, and is​ not taught in​ any formal schooling curriculum.

The recent advances in​ technology have allowed the vision of​ a​ progressive worldwide movement in​ safe dance practices that was once just a​ dream, much closer to​ reality.

The Value Of Online Community In Dance Education

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