The Upside Down World Of Web Branding

The Upside Down World Of Web Branding

Some of​ the​ best ideas for​ web branding defy logic. for​ instance, if​ you were to​ develop an​ ecommerce site you might well seek to​ establish your business name as​ the​ primary branding feature. What if​ your business name is​ less important than you think?

Developing a​ catchy slogan seems to​ be an​ important step in​ branding? What if​ your site visitor is​ mostly interest in​ what you do or​ what you have to​ offer?

In some ways the​ best ideas for​ web branding turn the​ tables of​ conventional thought and​ leave the​ entrepreneur standing on his ‘proverbial’ head.

Would it​ surprise you to​ learn that the​ most common elements prospective customers look for​ is​ the​ immediacy of​ information that allow them to​ connect with your site as​ a​ provider of​ their need? Frankly, many of​ these prospects are interested in​ your company name only after they determine if​ you can help them.

By placing the​ ‘what we do or​ sell’ before the​ ‘who are we anyway’ online business may discover visitors will spend more time with the​ site and​ that may ultimately result in​ a​ satisfied customer.

Look at​ it​ this way; I am looking for​ a​ company that sells grommets in​ bulk. the​ search engine I use tells me there are over 2.5 million sites that have to​ do with grommets. Now, if​ an​ online business that is​ selling grommets has performed proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques I can be fairly certain some of​ the​ best grommet stores are going to​ be displayed first.

However, if​ all I find on the​ opening page is​ a​ fancy logo, slogan and​ a​ paragraph or​ two about how the​ grommet store came into being I may well be tempted to​ hit the​ ‘back’ button and​ continue my search somewhere else.

Most online visitors don’t want to​ spend a​ lot of​ time learning to​ navigate a​ new site, especially if​ it​ turns out to​ be a​ site that does not ultimately meet their needs.

By all means, develop an​ attractive logo that represents your business well, but let the​ branding take place in​ the​ immediacy of​ information. if​ you are able to​ answer your prospects most basic questions quickly this will likely impact them in​ a​ greater way than attractive flash design that supplies little relevant substance.

Branding is​ always about more than the​ logo and​ nothing less than a​ positive impression.

Does this alter your thinking about how to​ brand your business? What can you do to​ take a​ positive step forward?

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