The Upcoming Buick Lacrosse Super Sport

Edmunds and​ several leading automotive blogs are theorizing that Buick will finally go ahead and​ build a​ sport version of​ its popular LaCrosse midsize sedan. Unlike the​ original model, the​ proposed car will be a​ true roadster as​ Buick seeks to​ inject some youthfulness into its aging model line. This is​ big news for​ Buick, which hasn’t built a​ true youth oriented car since stopping production of​ the​ hot-rod Regal Grand National during the​ 1980s. Will the​ Super Sport be enough to​ help Buick recapture a​ lost segment of​ the​ marketplace? That remains open to​ debate, so let’s see what Buick is​ planning with the​ Super Sport and​ then you can decide for​ yourself.

For the​ past several years, Buick has been near the​ top in​ most customer satisfaction and​ quality surveys. After years of​ languishing much further down the​ list, Buick decided to​ truly emphasize quality and​ that move has paid off. However, quality cars are one thing while exciting cars are another. Quite simply, Buick hasn’t been building cars that are high on the​ “wow” factor list. Sales have remained flat as​ the​ age level of​ its buyers continued to​ rise. Anyone who understands the​ business of​ cars will tell you that you must continually appeal to​ a​ younger audience in​ order to​ grow and​ prosper. Let’s just say that even younger AARP drivers haven’t been heavily drawn to​ the​ current Buick model line up.

As far as​ the​ Super Sport goes, the​ car is​ based on the​ concept Velite a​ car that has been appearing at​ auto shows over the​ past few years. Much like the​ Lexus SC430, the​ Super Sport will be targeting upscale buyers attracted to​ a​ combination of​ luxury, performance, and​ premium styling. While drive train information hasn’t been finalized, reports of​ a​ 300 hp V8 being offered has been circulating. Likely, this engine will be mated to​ a​ six speed automatic. a​ 3.6L twin turbo producing more than 400 hp has also been rumored for​ the​ Super Sport, but that engine choice might be scratched if​ gas prices remain historically high.

Information about specific Super Sport features is​ rather limited, but if​ the​ car holds true to​ the​ Velite concept, buyers can expect the​ following with the​ Super Sport:

-- Heritage styling based on a​ late 1930s Buick boat tail design. Buick’s recognizable waterfall grille design coupled with decorative side portholes are also expected to​ appear on the​ Super Sport.

-- 20 inch front wheels and​ 21 inch rear wheels; rear wheel drive.

-- Leather 2 plus 2 seating.

-- a​ retractable hood that will fit snugly into the​ trunk.

-- Full cabin amenities including OnStar and​ XM satellite radio switches integrated into the​ dashboard.

Beyond what has been listed, the​ rest is​ speculation including possible build and​ release dates for​ the​ Super Sport. GM’s current financial woes will impact the​ final decision on whether to​ build this car, but if​ approval is​ given a​ 2018 or​ 2018 release is​ possible.

Yes, Buick needs a​ car of​ this caliper to​ breathe new life into a​ rather uninspiring line up. Prices for​ the​ Super Sport will likely exceed $40,000 limiting the​ car’s appeal to​ those with significant means. Still, if​ Buick is​ able to​ pull it​ off the​ Super Sport it​ may pave the​ way for​ additional model changes, perhaps even opening the​ door for​ a​ Regal-inspired car to​ rejoin the​ line up. Now that would be great news for​ a​ brand that sorely needs a​ fresh youth injection.

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