The Ultimate Web Traffic Myth

Have you noticed the​ many internet marketing books using the​ word “secret” in​ their title, headline or​ copy?

Why do they do this?

Is their actually one or​ two online marketing methods or​ strategies that are going to​ bring to​ your site an​ ever growing consistent stream of​ willing to​ buy targeted clients?

The simple answer is​ NO.

Unfortunately many website owners think this is​ not the​ case and​ continue to​ accumulate book after book and​ software package after software package looking for​ “the ultimate web traffic method”.

The fact is​ that there is​ no one single marketing method that will make your online business successful, period. Only continual application of​ the​ right methods will see your business grow and​ expand.

The main reasons why most people think there is​ one main method is​ because of​ the​ following four elements:

- if​ you wanted to​ be a​ "plumber", you would do your apprenticeship and​ then work for​ someone or​ then start your own business. if​ you wanted to​ own a​ "milk bar" you get a​ business loan, buy the​ "milk bar" and​ start running the​ business. Why do we know this and​ why are there no so called "secrets" regarding being a​ plumber or​ running a​ milk bar? Because these businesses have been around for​ a​ long time, to​ start them is​ "common knowledge".

- Therefore because the​ internet is​ new and​ evolving, how to​ start an​ internet business has yet to​ become "common knowledge" and​ there is​ still many unknown aspects regarding the​ subject unlike traditional business. Unfortunately, many now capitalize on this "unknown aspect" by selling so called "secret information" type products thus only increasing the​ myth regarding internet business.

- Even if​ starting an​ internet business was "common knowledge", there is​ simply too much information to​ decipher. Unlike going to​ the​ local library, finding the​ business section and​ picking one or​ two of​ the​ five books on "starting your own business"; you are now on the​ internet. You have a​ world library, the​ business section is​ as​ big as​ a​ football stadium and​ books on "starting your own business online" are in​ the​ thousands (including many misleading ones).

- This final point is​ the​ most important one. People want to​ believe there is​ an​ easy way to​ get a​ lot of​ web traffic and​ make a​ fortune without any work; they just have to​ find it! This is​ just human nature.

So now you know that you must use more than one internet marketing method to​ make your online business successful.

Stick with the​ main tried and​ true methods -

Sales Copy
List Building
Joint Ventures

and your traffic will continue to​ increase rapidly.

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