The Ultimate Wealth Building System

The Ultimate Wealth Building System

The Ultimate Wealth Building System
Most people search for​ the​ ultimate wealth building system for​ most of​ their lives .​
It may surprise you to​ know that you own half of​ it​ the​ day you are born.
What half do you own? It’s your ability to​ make money .​
No matter what your education level or​ skill level, you have income earning power .​
Want to​ hear the​ good news about that and​ how it​ connects you to​ the​ ultimate wealth building system?
It’s not how much you make; it’s what you do with it​ that determines your financial condition.
The second half of​ the​ ultimate wealth building system is​ what you do with the​ money that you earn .​
There is​ a​ system to​ controlling the​ flow of​ money to​ create wealth .​
Very rich people know this system .​
It works whether you are an​ employee who works for​ someone else and​ you are using the​ system to​ control the​ flow of​ your personal income, or​ if​ you are a​ business owner using the​ system to​ control the​ flow of​ the​ company’s income .​
It is​ an​ amazingly simple system.
1) SPEND LESS THAN YOU MAKE - Cut your expenses back to​ operate within your income.
2) PUT 10% of​ YOUR INCOME AWAY IN SAVINGS and​ don’t ever spend it .​
Set aside regular amounts of​ cash from your income for​ the​ future – always pay yourself first and​ put the​ money in​ savings toward gaining financial freedom .​
The ultimate wealth building system requires a​ minimum of​ 10% of​ income into savings out of​ every dime you earn .​
Just sock it​ away and​ forget you even have it .​
As it​ builds up, move it​ to​ places that earn better interest than the​ bank savings accounts .​
This includes buying houses and​ commercial buildings you can rent out to​ make more money.
3) DO NOT BUY ON CREDIT – pay cash instead .​
Debt is​ a​ disease that you should avoid contracting .​
Figure out what you want to​ buy and​ put money away towards the​ purchase every week until you have the​ cash .​
For large purchases like cars, furniture and​ equipment, buy used instead of​ brand new .​
Remember, those items lose value from the​ moment you buy them.
4) FIND WAYS TO MAKE MORE MONEY – the​ personal cost of​ living goes up about 3.5% every year, so you need to​ make more money just to​ keep up .​
If you work for​ someone else, increase your value to​ the​ company by taking on more responsibility and​ learning to​ do more; then ask for​ a​ raise .​
Be willing to​ work a​ second job if​ you have to​ in​ order to​ get out of​ debt and​ start putting money away.
If you own a​ business, look over your line of​ products and​ services and​ figure out how to​ sell more of​ the​ profitable items .​
Be willing to​ discontinue items that are not bringing in​ enough profit for​ the​ time, effort and​ cost to​ sell them .​
The secret to​ making more money is​ pretty simple if​ you put your attention on it.
5) USE YOUR MONEY TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME – After paying your ultimate wealth building system the​ 10% into savings and​ paying your bills, use any money left over in​ ways that increase your ability to​ produce more income.
Why is​ controlling the​ flow of​ money so important? It is​ the​ energy and​ life blood of​ a​ business or​ household .​
It is​ necessary to​ pump it​ through the​ income producing areas first to​ keep it​ running well .​
Everything runs smoother when cash is​ available.
Seems simple, right? and​ it​ is​ simple .​
The ultimate wealth building system is​ easily learned, and​ can be used to​ gain your financial freedom .​
It does, however, take personal discipline and​ commitment to​ achieve the​ goal of​ financial independence so you never have to​ worry about money again.
The really great news is​ that you have control over this system .​
Done correctly and​ consistently, the​ end result is​ always having lots of​ cash on hand, all bills paid, and​ plenty of​ money in​ reserves to​ finance what you really want to​ do with your money; not just pay bills .​
How well you control the​ flow of​ your money will determine how well your company or​ family will survive now and​ into the​ future .​
Correctly applying these five steps will make this wealth building system work for​ you.

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