The Ultimate In Shoe Shopping

The Ultimate In Shoe Shopping

When shopping for​ shoes, there are many great places to​ look for​ bargains. There are outlet stores in​ the​ United States for​ all the​ well known brands from Nike to​ Birkenstocks. But where to​ go when a​ woman wants just great selection of​ truly unique shoe shops and​ the​ joy of​ shopping for​ shoes. of​ course Milan springs to​ mind and​ in​ the​ United States, Fifth Avenue in​ NEW York and​ Rodeo Drive in​ Los Angeles spring to​ mind. But Paris may still offer the​ ultimate shoe shopping experience.

Shopping is​ an​ art in​ Paris and​ shoe shops are everywhere, on every Rue, and​ every Boulevard. Parisians are fashion conscious people who don’t shy away from walking blocks to​ a​ favorite bistro or​ café. Shoes and​ fashion are equally important to​ them.

There is​ one entire street in​ Paris, the​ Rue Meslay that is​ devoted to​ shoe shops, nearly forty shops specializing in​ shoes for​ men, women and​ children and​ all styles. of​ course there are a​ few bistros and​ some shops that specialize in​ costume jewellery, an​ over flow from the​ real heartland of​ costume jewellery, the​ Rue de Archives. Some of​ these shoe purveyors are not for​ retail and​ sell only wholesale, but the​ majority are open to​ the​ public. the​ Rue Meslay runs for​ over a​ kilometre through the​ third arrondisement, from the​ edge of​ the​ Marais and​ ends at​ the​ sketchy Blvd. St. Denis metro station. His area is​ one of​ the​ red light districts of​ Paris and​ you may be approached by one of​ the​ many ladies on the​ street that have more than shoe shopping on their minds, just at​ the​ moment at​ least. And, yes indeed, women do proposition other women in​ this city and​ these modern times.

Of all the​ great shoe shopping areas in​ Paris, including the​ area around the​ Madeline monument, probably the​ foremost is​ the​ roughly triangular shaped area of​ Saint Gemain de Pres that stretches from the​ Rue du Cherche Midi across the​ Boulevard Rennes down the​ Rue du Dragon and​ ending at​ the​ Boulevard Raspail. This is​ a​ virtual Bermuda Triangle of​ shoe shopping that, upon entry, the​ shoe shopper may not be glimpsed again until the​ expiration date on her credit card. Bridging the​ corner of​ the​ Rue Cherche Midi and​ the​ Blvd Rennes is​ the​ flagship store of​ Camper. These colorful, iconoclastic designs are the​ embodiment of​ offbeat city chic, natural fabrics, and​ comfort.

Across the​ street on the​ corner of​ the​ RUE Dragon are several more shoe stores, on of​ which, Mephisto offers high style and​ comfort, as​ does Arche, a​ prototypic example of​ Parisian shoe design. Next door is​ a​ moderately priced shoe store, Anouk that has high styled shoes at​ affordable prices and​ great sale. Mosquito, another shoe shop that specializes in​ unique and​ often offbeat styles is​ nearby.

The consumer has access a​ shoe shopping experience par excellence. What a​ great way to​ take a​ break from all those wonderful museums than to​ re-enter them in​ a​ new pair of​ comfy shoes?

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