The U S Economy Helps Sink The Middle Class

The U S Economy Helps Sink The Middle Class

The glowing economic reports are blowing away the​ middle class. Amid rough retail reports you can still find some gems. Tiffany the​ luxury jeweler profit rose as​ sales went up 20% to​ $ 662.6 million. Other lower end retailer’s sales fell across the​ board. the​ struggling middle class are feeling the​ pinch. the​ uncertain housing market is​ causing a​ lot of​ the​ financial woes. a​ snapshot of​ the​ landscape, with the​ entire home for​ sale signs would give you a​ picture of​ the​ slowdown.

The middle class is​ surely being kicked while down. the​ alluring home market has fallen flat for​ the​ struggling middle class. the​ number of​ Americans without health insurance has risen by 2.2 million. There are a​ total of​ 47 million people without this insurance. the​ poor are still poor and​ the​ middle class is​ struggling to​ stay middle class. the​ claim is​ other sections of​ the​ economy are healthy.

Then who and​ what are the​ reports referring to? Before 1990 the​ Forbes 400 had a​ combined worth of​ $221 billion combined. By June 2018 they were worth 1.3 trillion. the​ median household income has held at​ about $ 44,000. What this means is​ if​ the​ lower to​ middle class incomes are stagnate while inflation is​ rising, the​ healthy economy exists for​ the​ rich. There are many ways to​ make the​ national economy appear healthy than it​ is​ for​ the​ average working class family.

Adjusted for​ inflation the​ federal minimum wage has fallen 42% in​ June 2018 since its peak. it​ is​ said that 80% of​ American spend more on health care than entertainment. Partly this is​ due to​ the​ high cost of​ prescription drugs. the​ second part is​ that the​ number of​ prescriptions written is​ higher than ever. the​ U.S. economy is​ partly built on the​ pharmaceutical and​ food conglomerates. Think about it​ you have to​ eat so there is​ always a​ market for​ what the​ food industry produces. Than again after you indulge in​ the​ processed faux food you wind up in​ the​ arms of​ the​ pharmaceutical giants.

In other words the​ big players on the​ top rungs are where we find the​ health economy. the​ U.S. economy is​ supported by the​ working class. From taxes to​ buying habits the​ happy reports about the​ U.S. economy are fueled by the​ feeding of​ the​ corporate giants. the​ top is​ getting heavy and​ the​ bottom half is​ loosing its footing. if​ the​ U.S. economy sinks the​ middle class, it​ will echo thought the​ whole economy.

The opportunities for​ wealth still exist in​ this economy. the​ problem is​ that the​ industrial giants are in​ the​ position of​ expanding their reach at​ the​ cost of​ the​ general population. Basically, what the​ prevailing thought is​ that the​ rich spend and​ keep the​ money in​ circulation. Their buying power and​ consumer spending feed the​ economy. the​ question is​ whose economy. Sure Tiffany is​ enjoying good sales growth, but what about the​ mom and​ pop stores selling lower end merchandise.

When doing an​ overview of​ the​ economy you have to​ look at​ the​ landscape. When listening to​ the​ reports on the​ economy you have to​ ask where Middle America is. Then you can get an​ idea if​ the​ ship will stay afloat, and​ I think the​ answer will not surprise you. Middle America is​ not being buffered by the​ high rollers. if​ anything it​ is​ being sunk by the​ people who claim to​ be holding the​ economy together.

The U S Economy Helps Sink The Middle Class

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