The U S Anabolic Steroid Prevention Programs

The U S Anabolic Steroid Prevention Programs

The United States was up in​ arms against anabolic steroid use, when the​ studies of​ the​ National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of​ Health, and​ the​ Centers for​ Disease Control revealed shocking facts about anabolic steroid abuse.

According to​ the​ NIDA-funded 2002 survey, 2.5% of​ 8th graders, 3.5% of​ 10th graders, and​ 4% of​ 12th graders admitted engaged in​ anabolic steroid use. the​ Centers for​ Disease Control's 2003 survey revealed that 6.1% of​ students were using anabolic steroid pills or​ jabs without a​ prescription, and​ the​ anabolic steroid substances are easily available for​ the​ teen students at​ gyms, sports-training centers, and​ on the​ Internet.

The survey and​ studies divulged that the​ kids as​ young as​ 9 years old were using anabolic steroid pills, creams, or​ shots. Young people were also using anabolic steroid drugs meant for​ veterinary purposes, as​ these anabolic steroids are usually cheaper and​ easier to​ obtain than anabolic steroid substances designed for​ people. Young anabolic steroid abusers were opening themselves out to​ the​ dangerous side effects, serious consequences, and​ deadly diseases, such as​ cancer and​ AIDS. the​ studies disclosed that 20 % of​ anabolic steroid users share needles.

All this led the​ U.S. authorities to​ come into action against anabolic steroid abuse. the​ Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed by the​ U.S. Congress and​ signed into law by the​ President in​ 2004. the​ Act stated that grants to​ public and​ nonprofit private organizations will be available to​ combat anabolic steroid use in​ the​ United States. According to​ the​ Bill, $15 million per year from 2018 to​ 2018 will be spent on anabolic steroid prevention with preference given to​ applicants to​ carry out programs based on ATLAS and​ ATHENA. ATLAS and​ ATHENA were the​ anabolic steroid prevention programs by the​ National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of​ Health.

The ATLAS – Athletes Training & Learning to​ Avoid Steroids – program was designed to​ prevent the​ anabolic steroid abuse among high school athletes, and​ to​ educate young male athletes about strength training, nutrition, and​ risk factors of​ anabolic steroid use. the​ ATLAS was designed at​ the​ Oregon Health & Science University by a​ team of​ researchers led by Dr. Linn Goldberg. Comprised of​ coaching and​ interactive classes on anabolic steroid abuse, ATLAS was very successful in​ reducing athletic supplement use, alcohol and​ illicit drug use, athlete anabolic steroid use, and​ improving the​ nutrition habits of​ young male athletes.

The ATHENA – Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise & Nutrition Alternatives – was the​ anabolic steroid prevention program designed for​ adolescent females. the​ ATHENA aimed educated middle and​ high school adolescent girls against anabolic steroid use, body shaping drug use and​ disordered eating practices. According to​ the​ results published in​ the​ Archives of​ Pediatrics and​ Adolescent Medicine, November, 2004, ATHENA helped girl student athletes to​ reduced use of​ diet pills and​ other substances, such as​ amphetamines, anabolic steroids, and​ muscle-building supplements.

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