The Two Prerequisites To Starting A Business

The Two Prerequisites To Starting A Business

There are usually two pre-requisites to​ starting a​ business. Sometimes people will attempt to​ start a​ business by fulfilling either one of​ the​ two pre-requisites (not an​ easy feat by any stretch of​ the​ imagination),​ and often people will do so without either one (and guess what their success rate is?). the​ two pre-requisites are motivation and skills. Often they are complementary in​ nature,​ but occasionally you need to​ use one to​ drive the​ other. it​ is​ different for everyone,​ and the​ effects of​ this is​ obvious when you examine the​ way the​ business is​ run.

Why are these two pre-requisites so important? Well,​ starting a​ business is​ not always the​ hardest part,​ with a​ large number of​ people finding that keeping a​ business going can be equally tough. Having a​ real motivation/drive/passion for your business will keep it​ going in​ the​ hardest times,​ while having the​ skill will ensure that your business will be based on​ something you understand. Sometimes having the​ skill will allow to​ you develop a​ real motivation to​ get out on​ your own and start a​ business. Other times,​ having a​ real motivation will encourage you to​ start,​ develop and further the​ skills required to​ consolidate your business.

An alternative to​ having both pre-requisites is​ to​ find someone who can complement yourself in​ either the​ motivation or​ skill department. However,​ to​ be able to​ successful work in​ a​ partnership,​ both parties must share the​ same vision for the​ business. This does not mean that partners in​ business must have the​ same dreams and goals,​ it​ just means that they must both see how the​ business will allow them to​ share the​ journey towards their own individual goals. Once one partner starts forcing their goals onto the​ other,​ the​ business vision will invariably breakdown. This is​ usually the​ portent to​ the​ division of​ the​ business,​ or​ in​ the​ worst case scenario,​ an​ entire collapse.

It doesn't matter what your business is,​ without motivation and skills,​ it​ is​ not a​ business that is​ worth devoting your time,​ energy,​ resources,​ (and most importantly) or​ your dreams and goals towards.

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