The Truth About Hand Lotion Dry Skin

The Truth About Hand Lotion Dry Skin

Your skin is​ the​ first thing that people notice about you and that is​ why a​ proper skin care regimen is​ so important. There are many products that claim to​ help eliminate dry,​ cracked skin,​ but the​ trick is​ to​ find those that seal in​ the​ moisture and keep the​ hand protected from the​ harsh environment. an​ effective hand lotion is​ one that is​ used consistently over a​ time before results will begin to​ develop. While instant pain relief is​ possible with some products,​ the​ actual redness and cracked skin will take time to​ heal.

Skin Care Tip 1:
Select a​ moisturizing hand lotion,​ which is​ one that will seal in​ the​ natural moisture of​ the​ skin and also provide additional moisture to​ help aid in​ the​ repair of​ dry,​ cracked skin.

Skin Care Tip 2:
Prior to​ applying the​ hand lotion completely over both hands,​ apply only a​ small portion to​ one area of​ the​ skin and wait several minutes before proceeding. This will help to​ make sure that the​ hand lotion does not have a​ negative reaction with the​ skin,​ such as​ hives or​ a​ rash. Some of​ these symptoms can result within minutes and applying the​ hand lotion to​ a​ small test area of​ the​ skin will ensure a​ much safer application.

Skin Care Tip 3:
In addition to​ hand lotion,​ always use a​ soap with moisturizer. Some commercial soaps contain harsh ingredients,​ which can make dry skin even worse. a​ soap with moisturizer will help to​ keep the​ skin clean without damaging it​ even more.

Many people suffer from dry,​ cracked skin during every season. in​ the​ winter,​ the​ harsh cold weather often reeks havoc on​ sensitive skin and results in​ bleeding and deep cracks within the​ hands. the​ summer months,​ because of​ the​ added humidity in​ the​ air,​ are often equally harsh on​ skin. Anyone who suffers with this discomfort will likely find relief in​ using hand lotion every day and not just during specific seasons.

In addition to​ commercial hand lotion,​ prescription products are often available from a​ dermatologist. if​ commercial products do not provide results or​ if​ skin conditions continue to​ worsen,​ many people require the​ help of​ a​ licensed physician.

The information in​ this article is​ to​ be used for informational purposes. it​ should not be used in​ place of,​ or​ in​ conjunction with,​ professional medical advice. Anyone who notices a​ concerning pattern of​ skin discomfort should consult a​ dermatologist for proper diagnosis and/or hand lotion treatment.

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