The Transformation Of Spiritual Consciousness

This new time in​ the history of​ planet Earth is​ creating a​ transformation of​ spiritual consciousness that is​ a​ quantum evolutionary leap for all of​ humanity. in​ times past, spiritual pursuits, spiritual awareness and spiritual growth we largely separate from the pursuits of​ ordinary life. in​ more recent times, spiritual growth has been seen as​ a​ path to​ bring greater healing, and greater ease in​ one's physical life. These views of​ spirituality were partial, related to​ steps in​ a​ process that humanity's consciousness has been involved with, and now a​ new and expanded view of​ spirituality is​ emerging.

Initially, human souls existed as​ the Oneness of​ spirit, and as​ the process of​ physical incarnation developed, souls descended more and more completely into the experience of​ physically manifest reality, which at​ that time required a​ separation from the world of​ spirit. This separation was necessary for a​ time, so that souls could experience the fullness of​ individuality and the complete immersion in​ physical manifestation.

Within this current time period, this cycle of​ complete immersion reached its zenith. Humanity went as​ far as​ we could in​ exploring the many myriad ways of​ expressing individuality within physical form. The cycle has begun to​ shift now, as​ the spiritual evolution of​ the Earth has progressed into a​ vibration that is​ manifesting more light. The increased presence of​ God's light on the Earth is​ accelerating humanity's transformational process, speeding up both external events and internal shifts in​ consciousness.

Dearest ones, there is​ emerging now in​ the consciousness of​ humanity a​ growing awareness of​ the Oneness of​ all of​ life, and a​ need to​ come together and create unity in​ ways that have never before been seen on the Earth. This need comes both as​ the result of​ the current global crises, which require concerted effort on the part of​ all people, and also as​ the result of​ the spiritual evolutionary process which seeks to​ move into the next level of​ growth and awareness, embracing both the full individuality and uniqueness of​ each soul, and also the unity and Oneness of​ all souls and all embodied life.

In the new times that are arriving, spirituality will be understood not as​ separate from physical life, but as​ the foundation, essence and core of​ physical life. Spirituality will not be an​ "extra' pursuit that people pursue as​ recreation, or​ solely as​ the means to​ help deal with challenging life circumstances; it​ will become an​ essential component of​ all choices, activities and directions that are taken.

Changes are happening even now, to​ the Earth and to​ our physical bodies, that will make possible a​ much more integrated, harmonious and peaceful way of​ life. These changes may not be immediately apparent to​ us on a​ conscious level, as​ there is​ so much purification and transformation happening in​ our daily lives that much of​ our attention is​ focused on simply getting through each day, and in​ dealing with the hefty challenges before us. You may be able to​ perceive these changes through your dreams, or​ through the quiet whisperings of​ your intuition, that speak of​ the new times that are ahead.

It is​ important to​ understand that times of​ massive change also bring many challenges, and emotions of​ fear, uncertainty, and a​ feeling of​ being lost and without a​ sense of​ security. Now is​ the time to​ create within yourself an​ inner connection with your own soul essence and spiritual center. There are many ways to​ create this connection, through prayer, meditation, spiritual practice, yoga, dance, authentic movement, art, music and so on. it​ is​ your inner longing and request to​ be more connected with your inner being that will activate this movement. Then, you will begin to​ be drawn to​ people, practices and methods that will help you to​ deepen this inner connection.

God answers all souls’ prayers and all souls’ desires to​ return home to​ the center of​ spiritual beingness. Your prayers and intentions will activate new paths, new directions and new ways of​ seeing, feeling, understanding, and relating to​ yourself, to​ others and to​ all of​ life. Now is​ the time when so much is​ possible for us all, to​ enter fully and completely into the divine spiritual manifestation of​ our soul's essence, both individually and collectively. Allow yourself to​ listen deeply to​ the deepest whispers of​ your hearts calling, and to​ follow the truth of​ your inner being. in​ this way you will create a​ new life for yourself, and in​ doing so you contribute to​ creating a​ new and brighter future for us all.

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