The Top Ten Tanning Lotions In Usa

The Top Ten Tanning Lotions In Usa

Due to​ the​ limitless number of​ tanning lotions available in​ the​ U.S. market, many consumers are getting confused as​ to​ what products they should buy. They are having a​ hard time deciding on which tanning lotion is​ the​ most effective one for​ them. Although consumers are convinced that most of​ the​ tanning lotion manufacturers are popularly known and​ that their products are highly recommended and​ effective, consumers are just overwhelmed by the​ many products that are displayed right before their faces every time they visit retail stores.

In line with this, we have decided to​ research and​ share with you the​ top ten tanning lotions sold in​ the​ U.S. in​ accordance with national sales figures as​ of​ 2018.

Starting off with the​ tenth mostly sold product, we have the​ Outlaw Red Hot 6XXX Plus. This top tanning lotion does not only make the​ users feel hot, it​ also makes them sensual with its sensuous fragrance.

Flavours Lickety Split is​ the​ top nine tanning lotion, Tan Asz U 4.0 Brown Bronzer is​ the​ top eight, the​ Hempz Herbal Daily Moisturizer is​ the​ top seven, the​ Outlaw Black Hot Sext Bronzer is​ the​ top six, and​ the​ Exotic Hemp Daily Moisturizer is​ the​ top five.

The fourth top tanning lotion is​ the​ Sun Sauce Sunless Bronzer. Once applied, the​ user will experience immediate results. and​ as​ hours pass by, the​ users’ skin just gets tanner and​ tanner. Perhaps, one of​ the​ reasons why consumers love buying this is​ because of​ how easy it​ can be used.

The third top tanning lotion is​ the​ Hempz Black Label Bronzer, which can be bought in​ retail stores for​ US$65.00 and​ through online shopping for​ US$32.50. Consumers who purchase this top tanning lotion are recognized as​ advanced tanners. it​ is​ considered as​ an​ elite formula that effectively darkens the​ skin and​ at​ the​ same time, makes the​ skin look softer and​ richer.

The second top tanning lotion is​ the​ Brown Sugar Urban Princess product. Aside from the​ bronzers, this top tanning lotion is​ also composed of​ pomegranate extract, taurine, caffeine, and​ an​ ultra skin firming complex. Aside from providing the​ best tanning results, it​ also provides the​ best firming and​ toning results.

Last but definitely not the​ least is​ the​ Outlaw Black Sextuple Bronzer. This is​ the​ best among the​ top tanning lotions mentioned. This is​ made up of​ six bronzers, green tea and​ grape seed extract, sweet almond oil, Monoi de Tahiti, and​ shea butter, among others. According to​ most consumers, if​ you want to​ get the​ most intense firming and​ bronzing formula, this is​ the​ perfect product to​ buy. Aside from allowing the​ skin to​ have a​ natural bronze color and​ aside from making the​ skin firmer, it​ also allows the​ skin to​ have a​ silky feel.

Whichever you choose among these tanning lotions, they are guaranteed to​ satisfy you because they are all top tanning lotions.

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