The Top 3 Bad Vacation Destinations

The Top 3 Bad Vacation Destinations

Of course vacationers never plan for this to​ happen,​ but it​ can happen anyways for reasons beyond their control. Sometimes,​ the​ vacation you saw in​ the​ package turned out to​ be far less than what your expecations were. the​ hotel had roaches and dirty sheets,​ the​ beach was closed for the​ season,​ and the​ attractions you were told existed turned out to​ be tourist traps. Luckily,​ there are a​ few steps you can take to​ prevent your trip from turning into a​ disaster.

1. America

Pollution alone is​ stamping out many of​ America's top locations. Children and elderly people especially are suffering even from mild cases of​ exposure. Although there is​ no escaping air pollution in​ most of​ the​ United States,​ you can at​ least avoid the​ vacation destinations that have the​ highest ozone smog in​ the​ U.S. - Cape Cod National Sea Shore,​ Boston,​ Maines Acadia National Park,​ Philadelphia,​ Great Smoky Mountains National Park,​ Marylands Eastern Shore,​ Washington D.C.,​ Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore,​ Indianapolis,​ and Lake Michagan.

2. Expect a​ Long Wait

Even once you arrive,​ there are usually long check-in wait times that of​ course weren't advertised in​ the​ brochure. By the​ time you actually get to​ the​ front of​ the​ line,​ the​ hotel room you reserved may have been given away to​ another customer. Some of​ the​ appliances in​ the​ hotel may be defective,​ or​ downright unclean. That gorgeous looking pool is​ nothing short of​ overcrowded,​ and there are no changing rooms. if​ you can,​ call in​ advance and get your questions answered.

3. New Orleans,​ Louisiana

Even before the​ terrible tragedy of​ Hurricane Katrina,​ New Orleans has been one of​ the​ worst spots to​ vacation in​ the​ country.

4. Iraq

As beautiful as​ Iraq's sprawling desert and urban street life can be,​ it​ is,​ after all,​ a​ war torn,​ unrestful country. the​ accommodations you might expect there will likely be worse than your own home. of​ course,​ to​ the​ locals there you might be getting it​ pretty good. in​ any case,​ stay away from travel offers that sound too good to​ be true.

5. Kenya

Unless you are going on​ a​ lion-hunting safari,​ it​ is​ common knowledge not to​ take a​ stroll through Kenya. the​ water is​ undrinkable and youll be hard pressed to​ find any sort of​ accomodation. Worse,​ there are leeches abound in​ the​ water systems making swimming unthinkable. Disease and famine runs rampant through the​ eastern portions of​ the​ region.

6. Do Your Homework

In a​ nutshell make sure that you know the​ total cost,​ including taxes,​ service fees,​ surcharges,​ port charges; including the​ terms and conditions,​ restrictions and cancellation penalties. Be cautious of​ companies that require you to​ wait 60 days to​ take your trip or​ require you to​ select various dates of​ departure. Sales people that apply even small amounts of​ pressure to​ your decision making process should be walked away from.

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