The Throw Away Opportunity

The Throw Away Opportunity

The Throw Away Opportunity
Here is​ a​ little tip that I​ picked up and applied and boy does it​ work! a​ simple strategy to​ make money online!
Register for a​ ClickBank Account first of​ all (You could also sign up for a​ Account too).
Once you are signed up, head off to​ the Market Place and browse through the topics available on the site and get a​ feel for the site.
Once you are happy with the layout and content, find something that is​ relevant to​ you .​
Preferably something you know a​ lot about and also ensure (this is​ essential) that you choose a​ product that is​ the TOP product in​ it’s category .​
At this stage, do not even bother with anything else, that can come later!
Take time to​ read the web site it​ takes you to .​
Reach the point where you know your way around this product as​ if​ your life depended on it. .​
If you can afford it, by all means purchase it! Right, now you know all about the product and you perhaps bought it, let’s look at​ how you can profit from someone else’ work with no web site!
Start a​ report about this product. .​
cover the following points.
Offer hope to​ the reader… let them know that there is​ a​ solution to​ their problem and that all is​ not lost just yet.
Make sure you remain unbiased towards the product. .​
do not come across as​ ah, just take it​ or​ leave it, but do not sound desperate!
Be authoritative, do not dominate them or​ bully them (although sometimes this works:)
Make them feel that you really know your stuff (preparation will ensure this) .​
Be a​ figure of​ trust (this is​ HUGE) .​
Come across as​ a​ scam artist and they will run away from your report quicker than you can say Buy Here!
Give them a​ reason to​ buy… (Many people miss this one out) .​
This is​ the nut clincher… If you studied sales of​ any kind offline, you will know that you can be the best information expert in​ the business but if​ you do not ask for the sale, you will never graduate to​ salesperson! (OK, so I​ kept it​ politically correct.)
Once you finished your report, put a​ resource box at​ the bottom.
A resource box looks something similar to​ this:
A N Other
Is a​ Florist in​ the Amazon and has been studying Flanker Plants
Online for 18 years .​
Read more about this book Amazonian Water Retainer Plants here: {insert your clickbank ID right here}
OK, so it’s not the best resource box in​ the world, but read a​ few articles on some article directory sites and you will soon know what I​ mean!
Now you need to​ get your report out there!
So go visit as​ many free article submission sites as​ you can find. .​
Trust me there are thousands of​ these sites (big craze) .​
Then start submitting your article to​ these wonderful people .​
Some will have guidelines (so read them) others will be instant acceptance, others may ask you to​ sign up, some may take a​ while whilst a​ real person reviews your content!
(BEWARE: Some article directories do not allow affiliate links in​ reports or​ articles, so at​ this time it​ is​ best to​ NOT submit your article to​ avoid disappointment.)
If you want to​ go really wild, you can purchase a​ cheap domain and then simply forward to​ the product you reviewed!
Anyway, continue your submission to​ all the directories that do allow you to​ include affiliate links .​
Try to​ vary the report slightly for each submission you do (it’s OK to​ submit the same article to​ all the directories, but it​ is​ great for you if​ you vary them slightly – more info on this in​ a​ later article on this site..)
Now once you have done that… Start again from the top .​
Review another product in​ a​ similar format and then start the submission process all over again.
In a​ few weeks time, you will be earning around $50 - $100 per week with this method if​ you do it​ right!
Now there are other ways, better ways and even fantastic FREE ways to​ take this to​ the next level .​
But if​ you are looking to​ get started quickly, on a​ tight budget and can resist clouding your day with all the other hype, this I​ promise is​ a​ fast track to​ making a​ small amount of​ income from the Internet!

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