The Three As Of Womens Magazines

The Three As Of Womens Magazines

In an​ express way type of​ day with work, kids, house chores, spouse chores, pets, activities and​ email all needing attention, amazing women still find time to​ read. Its not a​ lot of​ time. Most women don't have time to​ read War and​ Peace or​ the​ long winding novels they did during carefree days, but do find stitches of​ time sewn into the​ fabric of​ a​ day for​ at​ least a​ few hundred words.

Women's magazines were made for​ just such times. Containing articles, essays and​ photojournalism, these magazines add a​ little edification to​ already full days. Because time is​ precious the​ secret is​ to​ pick the​ best magazines to​ fill the​ void with things the​ reader really wants to​ see or​ know. the​ best way to​ do that is​ judge by the​ three A's.


The first thing magazines do to​ define themselves is​ select the​ age of​ the​ target group they are writing about. Age determines language use, writing style, topic selection, the​ types of​ advertisements and​ cover art. There are age appropriate magazines across the​ spectrum of​ life time.

From Tiger Beat, the​ guilty pleasure of​ pre-teen girls with star crushes, to​ Modern Maturity for​ women who have lived long enough to​ know those crushes never last, there is​ a​ magazine or​ two written just for​ the​ age. While age may not determine all the​ reader's interests - a​ 60 year old can just as​ easily have a​ crush on Orlando Bloom as​ a​ high school freshman - the​ lexicon, usage and​ style should be something the​ reader is​ most comfortable with.


Before subscribing, it​ might be best to​ buy a​ copy or​ two of​ the​ magazine off the​ rack and​ see if​ the​ audience it​ was written for​ is​ a​ match to​ your taste and​ style. Audience adaptation is​ what magazine writing is​ all about. Each publication uses a​ profile to​ determine the​ types of​ women who will best enjoy the​ article. Just because a​ magazine covers the​ same topic does not mean it​ was written for​ the​ same audience. for​ women who are a​ little more formal and​ have dinner parties where well dressed people sit at​ a​ long wooden table with napkins in​ their lap while using their indoor voice, Martha Stewart's Living may be just the​ magazine they need.

For others who serve chips, dips and​ finger food to​ friends who eat while standing around a​ music filled room or​ sitting on the​ kitchen counter Rachel Ray Everyday is​ more likely to​ give better tips. Like shoes and​ car seat covers, magazines should be a​ good fit.


In the​ sniplets of​ time women have to​ enjoy themselves with an​ article or​ two the​ key question becomes, "what topic appeals too you?" Some women are life-long learners who want to​ read about new developments, world issues and​ travel essays. the​ New Yorker would be good for​ them. Others are business oriented and​ want to​ make the​ most of​ their family finances or​ get support for​ women in​ business from others who are also in​ the​ mix and​ they might enjoy Pink a​ magazine for​ women in​ business. Many simply want to​ escape and​ be entertained and​ there is​ no shortage of​ offerings for​ them from Entertainment Weekly to​ People. There are plenty of​ choices out there for​ whatever may best enhance a​ woman's life and​ time.

Magazines are not written to​ take away someone's time. They are published to​ make it​ meaningful and​ enjoyable. They actually add to​ life. By selecting a​ magazine that fulfills the​ three A's of​ your life your reading can always be the​ best of​ times.

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