The Three Amazing Sports Car Collections

While thousands of​ sports car fans have put together notable collections there are three such collections that will inspire awe and​ demands the​ attention of​ any sports car enthusiast. These three are Toad Hall, LeMay’s collection and​ Ralph Lauren’s Collection.

Bill Putman’s collection, known as​ Toad Hall, will have sports car fans seeing red. All of​ the​ cars in​ this private collection are painted red. Putman’s collection features imported cars from Bentley to​ Datsun, with an​ emphasis on the​ British makes. There is​ a​ Lotus represented as​ well. Toad Hall’s name comes from the​ children’s book the​ Wind in​ the​ Willow.

The LeMay collection, over 3,000 strong, in​ Tacoma Washington is​ certified by the​ Guinness Book of​ World’s Records as​ the​ world’s largest collection of​ cars. the​ entire collections of​ sports cars cannot even be viewed in​ one visit. the​ LeMay collection was started in​ the​ 1940’s by a​ waste hauling tycoon who started searching the​ area for​ interesting vehicles. the​ exhibit also includes other American history items as​ well as​ ambulances and​ fire trucks.

American fashion mogul Ralph Lauren is​ also an​ avid car collector and​ has opened his stunning collection to​ the​ public. the​ Boston Museum of​ Fine Arts showed the​ Ralph Lauren’s exhibit and​ states that he started collecting in​ the​ 1960’s.

It can be said that Lauren’s is​ a​ connoisseur of​ fine cars and​ chose the​ automobiles in​ his collection, from Bugattis and​ a​ 1950 Jaguar XK 120 Alloy Roadster based on their fashion appeal as​ well as​ speed. His newest addition is​ a​ speed demon’s dream, a​ 1996 McLaren F1, which can easily pass speeds of​ 225 mph.

Ralph Lauren has also collected car with celebrity ties. Included in​ his collection is​ the​ car James Dean was driving when he was killed, a​ Porche 500 Spider. On a​ happier note, the​ 1950 Jag mentioned earlier was driven by the​ Hollywood’s leading man Humphrey Bogart and​ his love, Lauren Becall.

While there are countless car collections from small time lots to​ museums, these three collections all offer something unique to​ the​ sports car fan. Toad Hall which emphasizes imports and​ red. the​ LeMay collection which is​ certifiably the​ largest and​ Ralph Lauren’s private collection which emphasizes speed and​ celebrity connections.
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