The Survivalists Guide To Walt Disney World

The Survivalists Guide To Walt Disney World

You’ve talked to​ your travel agent, read the​ guide books, and​ now you believe that you are ready to​ experience a​ family vacation to​ Disney World with your family. However, for​ many tourists, this vacation taken the​ first, second, and​ even the​ third time, can lead to​ an​ intense sensory overload, not to​ mention too many dehydrating days in​ the​ sun, leading one to​ believe that they missed a​ lot of​ what this wonderful area had to​ offer. as​ a​ Floridian, whose family has worked at​ Disney throughout the​ years, maps of​ all four of​ Disney’s theme parks are forever burned into my memory as​ are some great survival tips that you and​ your family might be interested in.

First and​ foremost, decide as​ a​ family what is​ most important for​ you all to​ see. This will vary with the​ age of​ your children and​ your different interests. However, when everyone can decide on a​ plan, it’s time to​ plot out your day. for​ example, if​ a​ trip to​ the​ Magic Kingdom is​ agreed upon, decide which rides you MUST go on. Hopefully, you have obtained maps of​ the​ theme parks from your travel agent, your travel package, etc. so you know which rides are at​ what park and​ where they are. if​ you haven’t already checked it​ out, go to​ Disney’s website. it​ is​ a​ very valuable source of​ information. So, if​ your family decides that they must go on Space Mountain first, make that the​ first ride and​ bypass everything else. There will be time in​ the​ day to​ backtrack. Also, arrive at​ least half an​ hour before the​ park opens. This will give you time to​ be at​ the​ front gates, ready to​ make a​ run towards Space Mountain when the​ park opens. Be aware of​ what rides have fast pass tickets available. This will also help your planning as​ well. Since there are so many rides in​ the​ Magic Kingdom, you may not get to​ go on all of​ them in​ a​ day so only go on the​ rides you and​ your family have dreamed about and​ make it​ a​ priority to​ go on only them.

If going on your Disney vacation during the​ summer, please stay hydrated. During midday, when the​ sun beats down and​ reflects on the​ concrete, it​ can really feel like an​ oven. Contrary to​ popular belief, you can bring your own water bottles and​ snacks with you into the​ park. Just bring a​ tote bag and, though all bags are checked, Disney officials don’t mind if​ you have a​ couple of​ drinks and​ a​ pack of​ granola bars. Just don’t go overboard. Food prices are high at​ Disney. Water usually costs around 2.00. Also, from 11:30 in​ the​ morning until around 4:00, the​ theme parks are very busy and​ the​ day is​ at​ its hottest. Don’t overstress yourself during these times. Instead, find some shade and​ take a​ break from the​ day or​ go on a​ ride that you hopefully have a​ fast pass for. Since the​ lines are also extraordinary long during these times, if​ you don’t have a​ fast pass, go on one of​ the​ more unpopular rides where the​ lines are the​ shortest. in​ the​ Magic Kingdom these rides are the​ Carousel of​ Progress and​ the​ Hall of​ Presidents. at​ Epcot, the​ pavilion at​ Mexico is​ the​ best place to​ go and​ the​ little boat ride there is​ very enjoyable.

Another point that I have to​ stress is​ eating lunch and​ dinner. Please make reservations for​ the​ fancier sit-down restaurants because if​ you do not make them, you will be disappointed. Also, the​ theme parks only have so many fast food restaurants and​ around 11:30, these places are packed! Believe me, it​ is​ no fun having to​ wait in​ line for​ thirty minutes only to​ have the​ only place to​ sit and​ eat be directly in​ the​ hot sun. So if​ you can, try to​ eat lunch around 11:00 or​ at​ about 1:30. This way you can eat in​ air conditioning and​ not have to​ wait so long. the​ same is​ said about dinner. Eat around 4:30 or​ after 7:00 to​ have a​ relaxing meal.

Above all, have fun! This is​ why so many families experience the​ Disney vacation year after year and​ now you can do it​ right and​ have a​ memorable, great time!

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