The Sport Fishermans Dream Alaska Salmon Fishing

Alaska is​ home to​ the​ biggest sport caught King Salmon ever. Weighing in​ at​ 97 lbs. 4 oz., this magnificent specimen taken from the​ Kenai River is​ what Alaska salmon fishing dreams are made of. for​ this reason, anglers from far and​ wide are lured to​ Alaska in​ hopes of​ bringing home their own fishing legends.

The frigid, crystal clear waters of​ the​ Kenai River are home to​ numerous species of​ trophy fish including salmon, Rainbow Trout and​ Char. at​ the​ height of​ a​ red salmon run, these fish are so bountiful that all one has to​ do is​ gaze down into the​ clear waters to​ see numerous sport fish making their way through. in​ fact, the​ salmon are so plentiful that one of​ the​ great Alaska legends says that the​ salmon runs so thick you can walk across their backs.

With all of​ this bounty, it​ is​ no wonder that Alaska has become the​ prime destination for​ anglers, both novice and​ seasoned. Accommodating the​ flood of​ anxious fisherman during the​ peak Alaska fishing season (peak season runs from June to​ August), has led to​ the​ establishment of​ fishing lodges and​ guided fishing tours with the​ primary goal of​ giving guests the​ fishing vacation of​ their dreams.

Many of​ these establishments offer lush, wilderness accommodations that are within feet of​ prime fishing spots. No worry of​ these spots being crowded though. Situated on private property, many lodges are let out to​ only one group at​ a​ time which means that you and​ your buddies or​ family will be the​ only fishermen for​ miles around. and​ many of​ these prime spots are only accessible by boat or​ plane. There are no nearby residents and​ no access roads. Now that is​ a​ vacation!

You can fish clear waters loaded with all kinds of​ salmon including King Salmon (Chinook), Silver Salmon (Coho), Red Salmon (Sockeye), Chum Salmon (Dog) and​ Pink Salmon (Humpies) to​ your heart's content. Amazingly, it​ is​ estimated that a​ catch of​ 10 to​ 20 salmon per day is​ not uncommon on some parts of​ the​ Kenai River. You'll only be able to​ keep your limit, of​ course, but you can catch and​ release fish till you're too tired to​ fish. Always check local regulations and​ make sure you have a​ fishing license.

Are you going to​ be visiting Alaska and​ would like to​ do a​ little salmon fishing but do not want to​ dedicate an​ entire week to​ the​ sport? Maybe a​ one-day charter complete with a​ guided tour would be perfect for​ you. On these tours, experienced and​ knowledgeable guides direct you to​ unbelievable fishing spots on the​ Kenai or​ one of​ many other Rivers and​ creeks in​ Alaska . Once there, they help you through every step of​ the​ way to​ ensure that your Alaska salmon fishing experience is​ unforgettable.

Interested? Sure you are. Why not take some time to​ see what an​ Alaska salmon fishing vacation could have in​ store for​ you. Have fun!

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