The Spirit Of Soul

The Spirit Of Soul

When was the last time you closed your eyes and simply paid attention to​ the inner world in​ you? as​ you close your eyes and pay attention to​ your inner self, insight is​ awakened. You are able to​ become conscious of​ what infuses our external world. Each of​ us has individual awareness or​ ways we interpret the world around us. Because of​ our unique experiences of​ the world, we take in​ multiple images across the span of​ a​ lifetime. These experiences are imprinted in​ our psyche and our soul.

The act of​ recalling these memories creates expressions or​ feelings in​ our heart. These past expressions are pondered in​ the inner vision of​ our mind and our heart as​ though we are re-living them in​ the present. in​ so doing, we are retrieving our soul at​ various points of​ interests that have lodged a​ sense of​ importance to​ our individual awareness. The movement from the world around us to​ the world within us is​ a​ shift in​ attention. This shift in​ our attention is​ a​ conscious choice. Here, we realize that the world around us has hidden aspects to​ it​ reminding us just how privileged we are to​ be aware of​ our awareness. This realization alone gives us identification with whom we are.

You and I are conscious beings who live in​ a​ body, but this isn't our real home. We inhabit space and time, but our real self, our authentic self, our individual awareness (soul) is​ a​ unique expression of​ spirit infusing our lives from an​ infinite number of​ possible correlations. We make choices every day on how our life will be lived. Each choice creates a​ pattern. These patterns become a​ statement of​ our character. Our character becomes a​ living testimony on the inner processes of​ our thoughts incarnating into the world we live in.

As such, the life of​ our soul is​ revealed. Every moment, we are given the opportunity to​ experience our soul in​ a​ variety of​ ways. These experiences are facets of​ our inner world that manifests themselves from a​ single expression we call spirit. The intent to​ focus on our past, our present, or​ our future desires leads us to​ a​ path. This path is​ a​ revelation of​ our soul seeking out an​ opportunity to​ live out our purpose. Purpose gives us meaning and hope beyond our present circumstances. it​ is​ a​ path into what can no longer be seen and moving our lives and our soul - into SPIRIT.

Sam Oliver, author of, "A Life in​ Review"

The Spirit Of Soul

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