The Spirit Of Opulence Applied

The Spirit Of Opulence Applied

In the movie and book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor mentions and praises the essay "The Spirit of​ Opulence" by Thomas Troward. This essay can be read at​ and is​ well worth the effort. Troward's essay defines that to​ think opulently is​ to​ think largely, generously, and liberally. Have a​ look at​ the other essays on this site and you will be amazed at​ the content.

Applying the spirit of​ opulence to​ our life cannot but help us to​ succeed and grow. it​ is​ not a​ matter of​ collecting things so that we can live in​ the style of​ the rich and famous. it​ is​ a​ way of​ living, including doing business, that will attract opulence. in​ other words, what we have in​ our lives is​ the result of​ the actions that we take. Living in​ the spirit of​ opulence will allow us to​ think of​ abundance rather than lack and when we feel abundant, then we feel generous. if​ we are generous with our knowledge, time, money and other resources, then we will reap the rewards of​ this.

In business this means that we want to​ think of​ what we can add to​ the transaction, not what we can take from it. Rather than focusing on making money, we want to​ focus on how our product or​ service can benefit others. The question should be: How can we add more value, in​ our customer's eyes? Only then will we truly be able to​ find success in​ our business transactions. Again, if​ we focus on the money we will get, then the message we are giving out is​ not congruent with a​ feeling of​ abundance from which we will receive abundance. it​ must instead be too mindful of​ a​ lack of​ money, which will only manifest more of​ that lack of​ money. it​ is​ important to​ our success that whatever our businesses offer, that the customer perceives more value in​ that than what they have to​ part with (money) to​ get it. we must take the time to​ learn what our target market wants and then make the effort to​ market that to​ them. Once a​ sale is​ made, we should follow-up to​ ensure that our customer is​ happy with the purchase and absolutely rectify any problems. a​ satisfied customer will be a​ repeat customer, supplying free word of​ mouth advertising. an​ unhappy customer can do significant damage to​ a​ business' reputation and its potential to​ maintain or​ increase sales.

This information is​ not new to​ many of​ us. So many of​ the business and self-help books tell us all of​ this information. What begins to​ become amazing is​ that this information has been communicated to​ us in​ different ways from different people pretty much since the beginning of​ time. Bob Proctor refers to​ a​ Judge Thomas Troward's work in​ the early 1900s, about the same time that Wallace Wattles was writing his book "The Science of​ Getting Rich". The Science of​ Getting Rich is​ the book that Rhonda Byrne's daughter gave to​ her resulting in​ "The Secret" movie, book, website and so on. as​ legend has it, The Emerald Tablets referred to​ in​ The Secret do come from the beginning of​ time. So we would do well to​ take heed of​ all this advice. We are being told this for a​ reason, and no negative consequence will result. The outcome is​ amazing to​ all that practice it​ on a​ daily basis.

The Spirit Of Opulence Applied

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