The Skinny On Article Directories

Article directories (also known as​ article archives) are searchable on-line databases of​ articles contributed by multiple authors. the​ goal of​ an​ article directory is​ to​ collect articles on​ certain topics and offer them to​ publishers to​ place on​ their website,​ in​ their e-zine or​ in​ print. Each article directory has unique guidelines for both authors and publishers. the​ benefits of​ submitting your articles to​ directories are numerous and include:

1. Most directories give you a​ separate page for each article and some publish your photograph along with your articles. This allows an​ author to​ promote their articles without needing a​ website of​ their own.

2. Directories are a​ magnet for publishers. Most publishers are looking for specific articles on​ a​ specific topic and they are more likely to​ find such articles in​ a​ directory rather than in​ an​ individual e-zine that offers reprintable articles.

3. Many directories allow you to​ edit your articles and change your by-line as​ many times as​ you want.

4. Some directories offer a​ news feed that automatically adds your new articles to​ dozens of​ websites.

5. Article directories may have a​ good search engine page rank that that makes them ideal for providing a​ one-way link to​ your website.

There are hundreds of​ article directories on​ the​ internet. I am constantly searching the​ internet for new directories to​ add to​ my list but I have found that I receive the​ most benefits from older directories. Over time I have discovered a​ few directories that I absolutely love that I visit for submission and for research. a​ few of​ these are:

Alumbo! Magazine - This on-line magazine doubles as​ an​ articles directory and offers a​ free membership that allows you to​ submit articles in​ some very interesting categories such as​ ecology & environment,​ love relationships,​ paranormal & divination in​ addition to​ the​ normal business and career topics. Alumbo permits you to​ choose more than one topic for your article and often suggests additional topic pages where your article would be a​ good fit.

Article Alley - Allows you to​ register as​ an​ author for free and submits your articles across a​ network of​ sites. Allows for update of​ author profile,​ editorial access to​ your articles and a​ unique web page listing all your articles. - Although this is​ a​ business site only it​ does accept articles in​ a​ wide variety of​ business subcategories. Google(tm) visits often because it​ knows that adds fresh content from many authors every day.

Constant Content - This is​ a​ unique article directory that allows you to​ sell or​ give away your content. You must register prior to​ submitting your articles in​ many different formats - all of​ which are editable at​ any time.

EzineArticles - Owned and operated by one of​ my favorite article submission experts,​ Christopher Knight. This directory offers more submission topics than other directories and much of​ the​ enhancements done to​ the​ site are based on​ author and publisher feedback. When I submit an​ article to​ this directory I receive more attention and traffic than I do from any other submission site on​ my list.

IdeaMarketers - You absolutely must register for a​ free author's account at​ Idea Marketers. Topics covered include business,​ holiday,​ lifestyles/self-help,​ technology,​ Christian,​ home/family/parenting and marketing. You are provided with a​ professional looking author's profile that includes your by-line and your picture after completion of​ a​ lengthy form.

Establish yourself as​ an​ expert in​ your topic area and take advantage of​ the​ many benefits of​ adding your content to​ every established and credible article directory. You are guaranteed to​ be delighted with the​ response you will receive from publishers who find your articles in​ the​ directories they frequent.

(c) 2006,​ Davis Virtual Assistance. Reprints welcome providing the​ article and byline are published intact with all links made live. This article may not be sold individually or​ as​ a​ part of​ a​ database.

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