The Single Most Important Thing In Web Hosting

The Single Most Important Thing In Web Hosting

The Web hosting industry is​ less than a​ decade old, but already we've seen dramatic changes in​ the​ attitudes and​ priorities of​ customers. in​ these few years, the​ concerns of​ my clients have switched from, "Who's the​ best?" to​ "Who's the​ cheapest?" to​ "Who's going to​ be around for​ a​ few years?"

So, in​ this competitive world of​ web hosting where there are gigantic web-hosting companies to​ small-dedicated companies, how do you make your company stand, how do you grab a​ customer and​ hold it​ on for​ years to​ come.

The golden key this is​ Customer Service, Support and​ Satisfaction.
Most hosting companies are tech savvy enough to​ provide adequate support to​ their customers, sure enough. However, the​ quality and​ warm service here faces a​ set back. it​ is​ true that answering support requests through a​ ticket desk or​ email absorb a​ generous portion of​ a​ host’s daily activity. This may be time consuming and​ may cause the​ companies to​ neglect this area of​ service.
However, quality customer support can be a​ newer web host's weapon when competing with the​ larger web hosts who may own several dedicated servers or​ perhaps even their own data center. Quality customer support is​ the​ trump card you have complete control over to​ set yourself apart from the​ competition. as​ a​ matter of​ fact, some larger companies lack in​ this area simply because their clients' numbers are too large.
How does one accomplish this? It's actually quite simple but requires a​ stern dedication to​ satisfying the​ client.
Fast and​ complete answers to​ customer’s queries.

Tickets and​ support requests should never be one line or​ one-word answers. Many times this will require your client to​ resubmit their ticket and​ cause both frustrations for​ them and​ loss of​ time for​ you. if​ the​ ticket is​ answered correctly the​ first time, then the​ problem is​ solved that much faster and​ efficiently...and this is​ what clients want. They want fast responses and​ complete answers to​ their queries. Do not belittle their request with standard one line jargon.
Make the​ customer feel important.

Always thank the​ client for​ submitting a​ request to​ support or​ sales. Open each response to​ a​ ticket or​ sales inquiry with, "thank you for​ contacting us." and​ then go on to​ answer the​ request...accurately.
Always end your answer with "Thanks for​ writing in. Please contact us if​ we can help you further." This makes an​ unforgettable first impression on the​ client.
Advance Notice of​ in​ case of​ Downtime.

Never fail to​ inform your clients of​ scheduled downtime. They will appreciate it. the​ irritable feeling one gets when they log on to​ their site and​ get that dreaded white page is​ a​ very powerful deterrent to​ NOT use a​ particular host’s service. When your server is​ down, be the​ first to​ let them know. Have a​ mailing list of​ your clients' off server contact emails for​ a​ quick email blast informing them of​ any issues.
Fast Response.

Ability to​ answer a​ customer's question is​ very important. But to​ answer their queries with professionalism, politeness and​ resolution is​ just as​ important and​ often overlooked in​ web hosting industry.

The Single Most Important Thing In Web Hosting

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