The Shopping Splurge

The Shopping Splurge

Should we SPLURGE?

That is​ the​ unrequited question for​ womankind, isn’t it? This is​ quite possibly the​ “age old” question for​ the​ fashion savior-faire crowd of​ the​ world. the​ answer should come effortlessly; unfortunately we can't all afford to​ say yes to​ every expensive pair of​ heels that summons us or​ every pricey piece that catches our eye.

What exactly is​ it​ that causes us to​ lose all common sense and​ spend more than our bank accounts or​ maxed out credit cards will allow? Splurging is​ like a​ drug that picks you up out of​ that dark hole on a​ bad day. it​ can also serve as​ a​ reward system. “I just got a​ promotion, why can’t I buy those pair of​ Manolos I’ve been hopelessly drooling over at​ Neiman for​ the​ past 6 months?” Sometimes it's all about the​ label, sometimes it's all about the​ trend, sometimes it’s just the​ way it​ makes you feel. the​ important thing is​ that it's fun and​ it​ feels good to​ splurge…on occasion that is. This is​ where the​ savvy splurge comes in. a​ savvy splurge should be something that could be considered a​ “good investment.” it​ is​ these splurges that will last through the​ ever changing trends of​ the​ fashion world. But who is​ to​ say that the​ great pair of​ pink Ugg boots with the​ jewels on them or​ that super-cute hobo peasant skirt aren’t going to​ carry us through the​ 21st century? for​ all you girls out there who think every trendy piece of​ jewelry and​ every must have pair of​ shoes will in​ fact make a​ comeback in​ the​ year 2015, we might have a​ thing coming to​ us when those credit card companies decide to​ decrease our spending limits, or​ worse yet, suspend our cards!

So, the​ key to​ splurging is​ deliberation and​ occasion. if​ you’ve really thought it​ through and​ honestly, after you leave the​ store and​ come back a​ couple times, believe you absolutely HAVE to​ have that purse, go ahead and​ SPLURGE! Just make sure this process doesn’t tend to​ happen on a​ weekly or​ even monthly basis. and​ for​ those of​ you who don’t have the​ liberty of​ splurging on an​ $800 bag, stores like Forever 21, Styles for​ Less and​ even the​ local vintage shop or​ quick online clothing wholesaler come in​ handy for​ those ever-popular trends that might be over with a​ blink of​ an​ eye. So when you decide to​ take the​ plunge, make sure you are going to​ get the​ miles out of​ those pricey additions to​ your already fabulous wardrobe.

Happy shopping!

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