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The Sharpshooter And The Use Of Muscle Relaxants

For centuries, sharpshooters and marksmen have been employed as​ strategic arsenals or​ assets by various armed forces and fighting units. The ability to​ accurately hit someone from a​ long distance has long been considered one of​ the quickest ways to​ wear down an​ enemy. This was supposedly proven true during the Battle of​ Agincourt in​ 1415 when the English longbow prevailed over the French armor. in​ what was to​ be the most decisive battle of​ the Hundred Years' War, Henry V of​ England together with 900 soldiers and 5,000 archers were intercepted by French troops that allegedly outnumbered them three-to-one. Making excellent use of​ the terrain and strategic positioning of​ the longbowmen allowed the English to​ wallop the French army. Another more ancient armed conflict that was settled by the power of​ the long-range weapon was the legendary Battle of​ Thermopylae. According to​ the accounts of​ historian Herodotus, King Leonidas and 300 Spartan warriors together with other non-Spartan volunteers, succumbed to​ a​ hail of​ Persian arrows but only after inflicting a​ heavy toll on Xerxes' minions over three days of​ bloody fighting.

However, the sharpshooter really came into his own during advent of​ modern warfare. The Second World War gave Russian sharpshooter Ivan Sidorenko the chance to​ make shooting history by registering 500 confirmed kills. as​ a​ separate entity among the infantry during the World War II, the sniper was able to​ establish his worth as​ a​ strategic asset and psychological weapon. Instead of​ volume of​ fire and overwhelming force, the sniper utilized stealth, high ground and terrain, and superior aim to​ cause dread and panic that is​ enough to​ halt an​ entire platoon or​ battalion on its tracks.

The steady, highly calculated aim is​ the hallmark of​ a​ true sniper. With nerves of​ steel, a​ sniper can place a​ pinpoint shot on a​ still or​ moving target by considering the wind direction, bullet deflection, target distance, and a​ host of​ other factors that impact on whether a​ kill is​ made or​ not. Never a​ job for the weak and unstable, the sniper often has to​ work alone or​ with a​ spotter --- far from larger units of​ infantry or​ fire support. Usually, they employ camouflage and infiltration techniques to​ get within lethal range of​ the target. After hours or​ even days of​ waiting in​ ambush, they make a​ short, controlled squeeze on a​ trigger that effectively neutralizes a​ threat or​ target. One shot, one kill --- the motto of​ every sharpshooter worth his rifle.

Keeping the rifle steady and one's eyes fixed on a​ scope under the extreme conditions of​ war are, at​ the very least, highly difficult skills to​ master. While there is​ little that can be done about rifle recoil, the sniper must remain totally focused on the target and his weapon. Using a​ tripod, the sniper can sweep on a​ range or​ lock-on a​ target the same way a​ leopard's unblinking eyes follow the movements of​ its prey before making its attack. The slightest discrepancy or​ the minutest movement can cause a​ miss that alerts the target who can either flee the kill zone, or​ shot back at​ the general direction of​ sniper.
But behind the history, mystique and battle accounts that would mesmerize the uninitiated, lies another story.

Battle conditions are simply unforgiving, where even the most highly trained soldier can “lose a​ grip.” in​ Vietnam, regular infantry and snipers had to​ struggle with the hilly terrain where even the sturdiest tripod proved useless. to​ compensate, the U.S. military issued their snipers with supplies of​ muscle relaxant medication.

Muscle relaxant drugs were meant to​ help keep the sniper's arms and body as​ still as​ possible while taking aim, compensating for the lack of​ stabilization provided by a​ tripod. in​ theory, some of​ the stronger muscle relaxant drugs given out could also help the body absorb some of​ the recoil from the shot. The basic idea was to​ give the snipers a​ better chance of​ getting the job done in​ one shot, eliminating the danger of​ missing the target and alerting the enemy to​ their presence. The use of​ a​ muscle relaxant is, according to​ some reports, still common practice in​ different battlefields today. This is​ particularly true in​ desert and jungle combat situations, which are theater of​ operations that often lack even, solid ground on which a​ sniper can stabilize and shoot from. The use of​ such drugs is, however, not a​ modern practice. Some archaelogists and historians believe that medieval archers used specific types of​ herbs that acted as​ natural muscle relaxants. Indeed, many ancient civilizations used a​ variet of​ plants as​ muscle relaxant medication but conclusive evidence of​ the use by archers of​ those bygone eras of​ such natural, plant-based relaxants has yet to​ be unearthed. There is​ some justification to​ the belief that archers would require some sort of​ muscle relaxant, particularly because of​ the stresses of​ using some of​ the larger types of​ bow, but most experts believe that if​ there was such a​ practice, it​ would have been recorded by a​ credible source.

At present, muscle relaxant drugs are in​ wide use in​ many different military organizations but it​ has yet to​ achieve acceptability among law enforcement units. The use of​ a​ muscle relaxant is​ currently not seen as​ necessary among police snipers since the urban environment relatively provides plenty of​ stable ground. in​ contrast, a​ combat unit that is​ sent to​ infiltrate a​ compound in​ a​ wooded area would likely be assigned a​ muscle relaxant supply instead of​ a​ tripod --- which can only add more load to​ an​ already back-breaking combat pack or​ bergen. in​ today's battlefronts --- the use of​ chemicals to​ improve the execution of​ military action such as​ sniping may has been considered a​ breakthrough, but it​ still does cause slight controversy in​ some circles.


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