The Secret To Keeping Kids Interested On Family Vacations

The Secret To Keeping Kids Interested On Family Vacations

Vacations and trips are great family events,​ but how do you keep kids interested and busy during the​ down times? Have them keep journals of​ the​ trips and their impressions.

Writing Journals

Take a​ minute to​ give some consideration to​ your most recent family vacation. Where there periods of​ time when you wished you kids would pay more attention to​ what was going on? Its natural for kids attention to​ wonder. in​ these days of​ the​ Internet and video games,​ the​ average child seems to​ have an​ attention span of​ about 30 seconds.

For many kids,​ the​ only way to​ truly get their attention on​ a​ family trip is​ to​ get them involved. the​ best method for doing this is​ to​ give them a​ journal and ask them to​ make daily entries. Keeping a​ journal will encourage kids to​ pay attention to​ the​ things around them. it​ also gives them something to​ during long rides in​ cars,​ on​ planes and so on​ as​ well as​ promotes good writing habits.

There are famous instances of​ people keeping journals throughout time. of​ course,​ Anne Frank’s Diary is​ the​ best example. in​ her diary,​ Anne kept a​ running commentary of​ the​ two years her family spent hiding from the​ Nazis. While your family vacations will hopefully be more lighthearted,​ keeping a​ journal will let you and your children reflect on​ past family vacations,​ particularly as​ the​ years pass. Nothing beats reading old journals at​ a​ family gathering and reliving the​ memories.

A good journal for kids will combine a​ number of​ characteristics. First,​ it​ should be compact. Second,​ it​ should have a​ case to​ protect it​ from rain,​ spills and just because kids will be kids. Third,​ the​ journal should contain blank areas for notes,​ doodles and so on. Finally,​ the​ journal should contain cue spaces to​ remind children to​ pay attention to​ certain things and write them down. Cues should include:

1. Who went on​ the​ trip,​

2. Places visited and why they are important,​

3. the​ most memorable experience each day,​

4. New friends made and contact information for them,​

5. Events occurring on​ each day,​ and

6. Impressions of​ things seen.

As time passes,​ the​ family vacations journals will remind your kids of​ past trips. Memories fade with time,​ even for kids. By keeping a​ journal,​ kids will open their eyes to​ things around them,​ enhancing your family vacation.

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