The Secret Behind The Stampede By Webmasters For One Way Inbound Links

The Secret Behind The Stampede By Webmasters For One Way Inbound Links

Once a​ website has been constructed and​ the​ content optimized for​ the​ chosen key words, the​ main objective or​ strategy of​ a​ smart webmaster will be to​ submit the​ Website to​ the​ Search Engines and​ obtain as​ many Inbound Links and​ Reciprocal Links.

One-way Inbound Link is​ an​ external link pointing to​ your website from another site. You need not reciprocate in​ other words you do not have to​ link back to​ that website. On the​ other hand in​ Reciprocal Linking, to​ obtain an​ external link from another site pointing to​ your website, you have to​ link back to​ that site or​ reciprocate with a​ link from your website.

In recent times One-Way Inbound Links have received a​ lot of​ prominence and​ smart webmasters are spending their time, effort and​ energy in​ obtaining more One-Way Inbound Links rather than Reciprocal Links. the​ stampede to​ obtain One-Way Inbound Links is​ understandable once you know the​ facts and​ the​ benefits of​ having these links.

The Search Engines have begun to​ realize that many Webmasters have started adopting various ruses to​ artificially increase their link popularity and​ the​ page rank of​ their websites. Many website owners started manipulating the​ system to​ their advantage such as​ purchasing high PR links and​ adopting certain Black Hat techniques.

Hence the​ Search Engines have now begun to​ consider One-Way Inbound Links superior to​ Reciprocal Links because,if a​ website links to​ your website without obtaining a​ link back, it​ clearly indicates that your site is​ a​ site of​ quality and​ that it​ is​ popular with a​ lot of​ other sites.

If your website has many One-way Inbound Links, especially links that are of​ quality and​ relevance then your website will be ranked higher than those sites with reciprocal links. So it​ stands to​ reason that the​ more number of​ quality and​ relevant One-way Inbound links you obtain the​ greater and​ faster your chances of​ increasing your link popularity and​ page rank and​ rank high in​ the​ searches for​ your keywords.

Smart webmasters soon began to​ realize the​ importance of​ one way inbound links and​ started adopting certain strategies to​ obtain them such as:

1. Submitting the​ website to​ high page rank quality directories and​ to​ Niche or​ specialized directories.

2. Writing high quality articles displaying their expertise and​ submitting these articles to​ article directories, article banks and​ article distributors, thereby creating a​ viral effect with webmasters picking up these articles and​ publishing them.

3. Participating in​ Forums and​ posting in​ Blogs with their links in​ the​ signatures.

4. Submitting articles to​ Social Bookmarking Sites. Most of​ these sites have a​ high page rank and​ are a​ valuable source for​ inbound links.

These Strategies not only help Webmasters boost the​ link popularity and​ page rank of​ their websites but also help the​ websites to​ rank high in​ the​ Search Engines for​ their keywords.

In addition to​ the​ above, Targeted traffic will soon start flowing from hundreds or​ even thousands of​ links in​ the​ Resource boxes of​ these articles, from Directories, Forums, Blogs and​ Social Bookmarking sites.

These are actually visitors searching the​ Internet for​ websites, products and​ services like yours or​ admirers of​ your expert articles who could end up as​ customers or​ members of​ your list.

Acting smart and​ adopting your strategies to​ suit the​ changing algorithms of​ the​ Search Engines is​ the​ best way to​ move forward and​ be ahead of​ the​ competition. the​ ultimate goal is​ to​ obtain good Link Popularity, High Page Rank and​ substantial Traffic to​ your website. it​ appears that for​ all practical purposes, One Way Inbound Links have come to​ stay and​ the​ stampede to​ acquire these links will continue.

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