The Rules Of Go Kart Survival

The Rules Of Go Kart Survival

Back in​ the​ olden days, when the​ only go kart tracks in​ the​ neighborhood were located at​ the​ nearby family fun centers, accidents were few and​ far between. But with the​ specialized go kart tracks and​ the​ higher speeds we see today it​ is​ wise to​ be aware of​ and​ to​ follow a​ few simple safety precautions. With the​ lower speeds of​ yesteryear it​ was easy to​ drive safely, but times have changed. Nowadays you must be aware of​ what can happen on the​ track and​ be prepared for​ it. But with a​ little bit of​ preparation go karting can be a​ thrilling experience. Racing takes all forms, from ATVs to​ scooters, from motorcycles to​ mopeds, but go karts are the​ only form that will give you the​ thrill of​ Formula One racing without as​ much of​ the​ danger.

It's hard losing control of​ a​ go kart when it's traveling at​ a​ top speed of​ 5 mph, but it's a​ very common thing at​ 60 mph. It's the​ drivers who have the​ attitude "it won't happen to​ me" that seem to​ end up in​ trouble more often. and​ when a​ driver thinks of​ his gokart as​ a​ toy instead of​ a​ racing vehicle that's where the​ trouble can begin. But on the​ contrary, it's the​ drivers that take safety precautions seriously that have the​ most fun with the​ least accidents. So driver beware.

There is​ a​ certain amount of​ risk at​ any speed, but most accidents can be prevented with some common sense and​ preparation. From the​ type of​ go kart you buy to​ the​ type of​ safety equipment you use can determine your level of​ risk. Anything is​ possible once you're on the​ track, head injuries, broken bones, fires and​ more. That's why it's necessary to​ have all of​ your safety measures in​ line before actually climbing into your gokart.

The first step to​ being safe is​ to​ race your go kart in​ a​ class that you are prepared for. There are many go cart classes that will cater to​ every age range from kids to​ adults and​ to​ every experience level from none to​ professional. Learning to​ drive a​ go kart is​ a​ skill that can be mastered fairly quickly, but becoming a​ great driver may take a​ much longer time. It's best to​ drive in​ a​ class with drivers of​ your same experience level. Once you improve your skills you can then advance to​ the​ next carting level. Racing against drivers that are much better than you can spell trouble on the​ track, so it's smart to​ move up in​ class only when you have acquired the​ skills to​ do so.

With the​ high speeds we see today is​ it​ actually possible to​ race go-karts safely? There are two answers to​ that question. On the​ one hand, if​ you are well-prepared with safety in​ mind it​ is​ possible to​ keep your risks low and​ remain relatively safe on the​ track. On the​ other hand, any sport can be dangerous if​ you haven't carefully prepared and​ throw caution to​ the​ wind.

So exactly how fast are we talking about when we say that go karts reach some amazing speeds today? a​ normal racing kart can reach speeds of​ up to​ 60 mph. But an​ enduro kart can get up to​ 90 mph and​ a​ shifter kart 160 mph or​ possibly even faster. Now that's burning rubber! Flipping your vehicle over or​ getting hit from the​ side at​ any of​ these speeds is​ not something you want to​ do. That's why it's important to​ take precautions at​ every stage.

We have already mentioned that if​ you don't feel comfortable at​ these high speeds you can race in​ a​ class that matches your experience level. So don't start sweating just yet. the​ number one cause of​ accidents is​ carelessness. and​ no matter how careful you may be you must remember that you will be racing against drivers that may not be as​ careful. So race in​ a​ class that fits your comfort zone.

Helmets are a​ must at​ any speed. Find a​ quality helmet that will protect you from serious head injury if​ the​ unforeseen should happen. Head injuries are usually the​ most serious of​ injuries when racing and​ avoiding these types of​ injuries is​ priority number one. Clothing is​ also important. Go-carts carry fuel which can catch fire in​ a​ crash. This is​ why it's important to​ wear a​ fire-resistant racing suit, gloves and​ protective shoes. if​ the​ front of​ your gokart should hit another car or​ barrier it's the​ feet that most often get injured. a​ special pair of​ shoes can protect you from many foot injuries.

Buying a​ safe go kart is​ another important thing to​ think about. Most gokarts these days have a​ cage that protects the​ driver during a​ rollover. They also have strong side bars that prevent injuries when another driver rams into the​ side of​ your vehicle. These are two important safety features that you should not be racing without. It's better to​ spend a​ little extra money on a​ well-built go kart than to​ skimp and​ leave yourself less protected. in​ order for​ you to​ have fun you must lessen your risks as​ much as​ possible.

We have presented only the​ main safety precautions in​ this short article. By keeping safety as​ your number one goal your go karting experience should be a​ fun one instead of​ a​ risky one. and​ with a​ little practice maybe we'll be watching you race alongside Tony Stewart one day.

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