The Role Of Repetitions In Your Muscle Building Program

The Role Of Repetitions In Your Muscle Building Program

Repetitions are the basic building blocks of​ any strength or​ muscle building program but it​ is​ something that many lifters take for granted. How often do you see people at​ the gym speed through their reps, breathe haphazardly or​ fail to​ complete each rep correctly from a​ technical perspective? There is​ much more to​ the simple rep than meets the eye.

The first thing to​ note is​ that a​ repetition consists of​ three elements - namely lower, pause and lift. The speed at​ which this is​ achieved depends on the desired outcome, but to​ maximize muscle growth a​ slow, controlled tempo is​ required. The process should never be rushed, jerky or​ bouncy but instead should be controlled and smooth.

The second consideration relates to​ how many reps need to​ be performed. Once again, this depends on what you hope to​ achieve but you can use the following as​ a​ basic rule of​ thumb:

1. a​ single repetition maximum (1RM) increases muscle strength.

2. a​ six to​ eight repetition maximum increases muscle size.

3. a​ higher number of​ repetitions will have more effect on muscle endurance and little impact on size or​ strength.

Your aim therefore should be to​ complete six to​ eight reps of​ a​ load equivalent to​ 75-80% of​ your 1RM. This will maximize your muscle building potential, provided you complete each lift with perfect form in​ a​ smooth controlled manner.

The Role Of Repetitions In Your Muscle Building Program

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