The Right Tanning Lotion Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

The Right Tanning Lotion Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

When it​ comes to​ tanning lotion, there truly is​ something for​ everyone. Whether you're a​ sun worshipper, a​ tanning bed aficionado, or​ an​ advocate of​ sunless tans, you can find products that will give you that healthy, year-round glow.

For days spent poolside or​ at​ the​ beach, or​ even for​ sessions at​ your local tanning salon, you'll want tanning lotions or​ tanning bed lotions that both speed up the​ tanning process and​ protect your skin. in​ effect, you want a​ lotion that enhances the​ UVA rays while shielding you from the​ effects of​ UVB rays. to​ this end, find a​ lotion that contains tyrosine, since it​ sends melatonin production into overdrive and​ allows you to​ accelerate the​ tanning process. Then, make sure your tanning bed lotion contains Vitamin E, an​ anti-oxidant that will prevent damage from free radicals, as​ well as​ nutrients like aloe vera or​ hempseed oil that will moisturize and​ rejuvenate your skin.

Many people find that, when it​ comes to​ achieving a​ quick and​ even tan, legs can be problematic. Most people's legs simply don't tan as​ quickly as​ other parts of​ the​ body, since there is​ less blood flow (and, hence, less oxygen) to​ that area. if​ this is​ a​ challenge in​ your tanning process, try a​ tingle tanning lotion. This special formulation increases the​ blood flow to​ the​ capillaries closest to​ your skin, increasing the​ oxygen to​ your legs and​ helping the​ tanning process along.

Some people become frustrated that they're not achieving the​ results they desire within the​ time frame that they had hoped. if​ this is​ a​ challenge you face, it​ could be because you're either not choosing the​ right tanning lotion or​ not properly applying your tanning lotion. First, you need to​ buy a​ high quality lotion. When you do, you'll achieve your desired results in​ a​ fraction of​ the​ time. the​ extra money you spend on tanning bed lotion, for​ example, will be more than offset by less money spent at​ the​ tanning salon.

Next, exfoliate before you apply your tanning lotion. it​ doesn't make sense to​ tan skin cells that your body is​ about to​ slough off. Then, apply the​ lotion about an​ hour before you hit the​ sun or​ the​ salon. Be sure to​ wear loose-fitting clothing so the​ lotion doesn't rub off. if​ you're going to​ the​ pool or​ the​ beach, make sure to​ select tanning lotions that are waterproof or​ water-resistant, and​ then reapply it​ throughout the​ day.

Finally, complete coverage is​ a​ must. if​ you don't have a​ friend handy to​ get to​ those hard-to-reach areas, invest in​ a​ lotion applicator so that you can reach all areas of​ your back.

For those who long for​ the​ healthy glow of​ a​ tan, but don't want to​ expose their skin to​ UVA or​ UVB rays, an​ indoor tanning lotion is​ the​ answer. a​ variety of​ excellent sunless tanning products are available that will give you the​ color you seek. Alternately, bronzers will give you a​ temporary tan that will easily wash off with soap and​ water.

When applied correctly, a​ great tanning lotion will help you achieve your tanning goals and​ look your absolute best!

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