The Rich Dont Need Golf Discounts Do They

The Rich Dont Need Golf Discounts Do They

Do rich people need golf discounts?

I suppose they don’t even think about anything with the word discount attached to​ it? Maybe the rich people who golf have so much money that the thought of​ golf discounts never enters their mind?

With all the expenses that go into playing a​ round of​ golf like green fees, cart fees, golf balls, new golf clubs if​ necessary, do they even care what all that cost.

Conventional wisdom says that only the rich play golf. While it​ might be an​ expensive game to​ play, it’s not just for the rich.

Perhaps television and radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh or​ Samuel Jackson who are avid golfers and pretty good golfers to​ add don’t need golf discounts. But, for the average Joe who has to​ eke out living finding discounts is​ almost like finding money on the street - you look around and grab it​ before anybody else does.

And of​ course, not all rich people pay for a​ round of​ golf every time they hit the links. They could belong to​ a​ country club where their green fees are apart of​ their pricey membership dues sometimes adding up to​ more than what some families earn in​ a​ year.

When you’re not rich you pay attention to​ words like refund, even exchange, and money back guarantee. Those words mean a​ heck of​ a​ lot to​ the not so rich who want every bang for their buck.

As an​ avid golfer, you might spend hundreds of​ dollars on rounds of​ golf throughout the year. Shopping online at​ a​ golf shop or​ your local pro shop is​ routine.

For the high handicap golfer you would probably spend a​ lot of​ time looking for new golf balls because you lost a​ half-dozen on the front nine due to​ your mean slice that sends your tee shot into the woods never to​ be found again.

So you need the occasional golf discount on golf balls or​ a​ golf driver that is​ more forgiving. And unless you have a​ ton of​ cash like the rich, golf discounts are probably the only way to​ continue financing your golf habit on the cheap, no matter how bad your game.

What’s your way out if​ you are not rich? You could one day play well enough to​ qualify for a​ sponsors’ exemption on the big tour, win a​ golf tournament and get tons of​ endorsements and free golf equipment. Farfetched maybe, but until then you keep looking for the best golf discounts you can find to​ play the game you love.

The Rich Dont Need Golf Discounts Do They

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