The Reality Of Reality Tv Popular Reality Tv Shows

The Reality Of Reality Tv Popular Reality Tv Shows

The Reality of​ Reality TV: Popular Reality TV Shows
Popular Reality TV Shows
While there are a​ variety of​ Reality TV shows that are available for​ you to​ watch, there are some that are far more popular than others .​
The following are brief overviews of​ some of​ the​ most popular Reality TV shows ever.
American Idol
One of​ the​ most popular Reality TV shows to​ ever be aired is​ American Idol .​
This is​ a​ show that goes around the​ country auditioning people who want to​ be singers .​
While the​ beginning can be quite comical as​ you listen to​ people with no musical talent try out, as​ the​ show progresses and​ the​ final contestants are announced, it​ becomes a​ more intense show that leaves viewers on the​ edge of​ their seats .​
The finalists perform for​ audiences and​ the​ judges comment on their performances, but the​ viewers get involved by voting for​ their favorite singer each night .​
The person with the​ lowest votes is​ then voted off of​ the​ show .​
The number one singer on American Idol receives a​ recording contract and​ usually goes on to​ have a​ very successful music career.
So You Think You Can Dance
Another one of​ the​ top Reality TV shows is​ the​ show, So You Think You Can Dance .​
This is​ a​ show that is​ much like American Idol; however, this show is​ centered around dancing .​
While it​ starts almost the​ same way, with auditions around the​ United States, the​ finalists in​ this show are challenged in​ a​ variety of​ ways .​
Contestants have to​ pick partners and​ learn to​ dance new styles of​ dance, even if​ they are not familiar with them, and​ then they perform to​ try to​ win over the​ votes of​ the​ viewers .​
While initially the​ outcome was determined by the​ judges votes, recently they decided to​ start allowing the​ viewers to​ vote for​ their favorite dancer, which made this show even more popular than ever before.
These are just a​ couple of​ the​ most popular Reality TV shows, but there are many more that you may be interested in .​
Other great shows to​ consider are: Biggest Loser, Top Model, Survivor, Dancing with the​ Stars, Who Wants to​ Be a​ Millionaire, and​ Fear Factor.

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