The Real Value Of Plasma Tvs

The Real Value Of Plasma Tvs

You may be surprised at​ just how tuned in​ to​ TV many Americans really are. a​ recent survey found that not only do half of​ all Americans want a​ plasma television, but many of​ them will go to​ great lengths to​ get one. Here's a​ closer look:

She Said

Forget chocolate, it​ seems that women are craving their favorite shows in​ high definition. a​ third of​ women said they would give up chocolate for​ 12 months in​ exchange for​ a​ plasma television.

He Said

Forty percent of​ men surveyed said they would endure a​ 48-hour "chick flick" marathon, if​ it​ meant they would be rewarded with a​ plasma television. One-fifth of​ the​ men surveyed said they would give up all sports-related activities: watching, playing and​ reading about their favorite sports and​ athletic heroes.

So why are plasmas so popular? Experts say the​ TVs' crisp images, vibrant colors and​ sleek designs tend to​ appeal to​ both men and​ women. for​ instance, the​ Pioneer PureVision plasma television features technologies known as​ Deep Encased Cell Structure, Crystal Emissive Layer and​ PureDrive II. They help enhance brightness, create richer, deeper blacks and​ improve video processing. in​ short, they create a​ sharp, bright, accurate picture-something that both genders seem to​ appreciate.

If you plan to​ purchase a​ plasma anytime soon, Pioneer suggests taking the​ following factors into account:


Forty- to​ 65-inch plasma displays are usually well-suited for​ viewing high-definition content in​ a​ primary home theater.


Brightness should be consistent from different angles. Try to​ see the​ TV you are considering in​ a​ lighting environment similar to​ your home.


Lines and​ edges should be sharp and​ clean without trails.Ê Make sure the​ sharpness holds up in​ dark or​ fast-moving scenes.


Colors should be true-to-life, not cartoonlike. You should see detail and​ subtle gradations in​ the​ color.


You should be able to​ see picture details such as​ blades of​ grass, pens in​ shirt pockets and​ individual faces in​ a​ crowd.

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