The Quick And Easy Formula For Pottery Buying

The Quick And Easy Formula For Pottery Buying
Did you know that pottery buying is​ actually an​ easy process?
People spend their weekends digging through all sorts of​ rummage sales, yard sales, and specialty stores looking for the perfect piece of​ pottery to​ go in​ their home .​
In fact, there is​ an​ incredible home furnishings store in​ our city that has simply amazing pieces of​ pottery that anyone would love to​ buy (including us) .​
However, we are constantly amazed by the large amount of​ people who don’t have any idea what the different types of​ pottery are and how to​ buy the right type of​ pottery for their home .​
Pottery shopping is​ actually a​ fairly easy process once you get the hang of​ it .​
Follow these simple steps and you will be ahead of​ 95% of​ pottery buyers who end up paying more and getting less .​
1 .​
Get educated on the different types of​ pottery .​
Can you tell the difference between Stoneware pottery and Polish pottery? Pottery comes in​ many different styles and can sell for all sorts of​ different prices .​
Spend the $7 on an​ informative pottery book from and truly take the time to​ learn all about pottery and how to​ tell the good stuff from the bad .​
2 .​
Use the internet to​ familiarize yourself with pottery.Guess who is​ the #1 used car dealer on the face of​ the earth right now (and probably for the foreseeable future)? Ebay .​
Guess who also has extensive pottery listings? That’s right: Ebay .​
Ebay isn’t just for swapping beanie babies anymore .​
There are immense amounts of​ people who sell things on Ebay including lots of​ pottery .​
If you simply watch what is​ selling on Ebay and the prices that they are going for, you can get a​ pretty good idea of​ what the new and used pottery market is​ like offline too .​
I’ve generally found most ebay items to​ sell for at​ least a​ 25% discount to​ new offline merchandise.
3 .​
Finally, you must compare pottery prices .​
Without proper price comparison, the other two points are almost meaningless .​
There are tricks to​ getting the best deal on pottery by comparing prices and no one should buy any without price comparison.

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